Shocking: Ugandan First Lady Calls For Investigation Over Alleged Increased Gay Relationships In Schools

By Anthony Ademiluyi
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As reported by Lifesite News: The first lady and education minister of Uganda recently announced that her ministry is launching investigations into an alleged increase in homosexual practices in some of the nation’s schools.

Janet Museveni, wife of Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni who also serves as the country’s Minister of Education and Sports, called for accountability regarding “shocking sexual practices” which may be occurring in centers of education.

Investigations are being conducted “so that with actual evidence, government can hold those responsible accountable so as to bring an end to these vices and to deliver justice to the affected learners and their families,” the first lady said, according to a local news report.

“It is disturbing that the media should be awash with shocking sexual practices amongst students which in some incidences are said to be permitted or to go on unabated by the teachers and head teachers. God forbid.”

Museveni reminded education professionals that they “cannot allow these vices to go on in these beautiful schools,” as teachers are “faithful stewards” engaged in the upbringing of Ugandan children.

The first lady’s remarks come a few weeks after unspecified social media reports indicated an increase in LGBT practices within schools. Specifically, Museveni was prompted to launch investigations after Kings College Budo, a secondary boarding school which houses both boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 18, was revealed to enable these practices.

At the end of January, the Anglican Church of Uganda issued an inquiry into the religious school’s homosexuality allegations. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, bishop of the Namirembe Diocese, said that the church “will request that the findings of the police inquiry are released soon so that the country gets to know who are behind these acts.”

While much of the western world continually caves to the LGBT ideology, Uganda has consistently stood in opposition to homosexuality and the push to accept transgenderism as a true representation of those struggling to accept their biological sex.

In November, a member of the Ugandan parliament rejected proposed language changes in a trade agreement which would promote the LGBT agenda, saying that “we are not yet a society that has lost the moral compass.”

Last month, President Museveni was confronted by members of the Biden administration who criticized Uganda’s criminalization of homosexual acts and same-sex unions. Another Ugandan politician recently warned members of parliament that students were experiencing negative influences of homosexuality in school.

This is shocking and highly worrisome if indeed the report is true. There is no smoke without fire and there is the need for eternal vigilance as the liberal west is hellbent on foisting this demonic agenda on this conservative East African nation that has proven to be the bastion for conservative ideology over time.

The plan of the liberal west working in cahoots with their African puppets is to destroy the moral fabric of this wonderful country in the name of ‘human rights’ and ‘equality’ for sexual minorities.

There should be thorough scrutiny of the curriculum as the gay lobby has shown more than a passing interest in negatively influencing the curriculum of African schools like they recently attempted to do in Nigeria before the intervention of the education minister, Adamu Adamu who used his powers to rescind it.

Pro-Life activism indeed works and Ugandan conservatives shouldn’t be discouraged by the apparent financial super power of the liberals in the face of grinding poverty which makes being pro-choice smirk of economic sensibility.

There is hope for Africa!