By NBF News

Two-time Governor of the defunct Bendel State, Dr. Sam Ogbemudia, alleged yesterday that the removal of Prof. Osarhiemen Osunbor by the Court of Appeal as governor of Edo State was made possible by forces within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Dr. Ogbemudia who made the allegations while speaking to journalists during an interview shortly after he arrived Benin from medical check-up overseas, however said, 'we are not contesting in any way the judgement of the court because the court has more evidence at its disposal that I have, but that notwithstanding, I still nurse the grudge that we ought to have won.'

'Again that notwithstanding, we haven't lost much because the man who came later to take over from Osunbor has been performing extraordinarily to the satisfaction of everybody.'

Ogbemudia who was received by a large crowd of party supporters at the Oluku junction who drove with him to his compound at his Ehieya Street said those criticising the incumbent administration in the state were those who think they ought to be there but 'are not there.' He prayed that the progress should continue.

He explained that there were two recognized factions in the PDP in Edo State, which he said came about as a result of injustice, non-implementation of internal democracy and dictatorship.

So, they thought that it would be in the interest of the party and I believe them that they should ensure that before coming together. The issues must be resolved. Some of those misunderstanding most be resolved and I want to say it clearly that I have no personal misunderstanding with Chief Anthony Anenih, we are friends, we will remain friends and I pray that the friendship should grow bigger,' he said.

Ogbemudia whose faction of the PDP has Hon. Sunny Uyigue as chairman, pointed out that 'once all the issues are solved, then there will be no problem for PDP.' He added that 'but for now, my own group has already done a lot of research work and have come to the conclusion that the PDP can be brought back on its legs provided some few things are done.'

He said his group was prepared to make sacrifices in order to bring the PDP back on its legs, but, however, declined to mention those things his faction want. He said they would be laid before the national leadership of the party, even as he expressed confidence in the ability of Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo to resolve the crisis in the Edo PDP.

Earlier, Dr. Ogbemudia had expressed his 'unparalled gratitude' for the reception accorded him by party members.

He said while abroad, he received telephone calls with several of the callers sympathizing with him, while others wished he did not return, but added 'what I know is that what you sow is what you reap.'