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Joke Silva is an actress with panache and grace. She has a perfect match in her actor-husband, Olu Jacobs, who recently was named the best actor at the recent African Movie Academy Award. Joke herself was the 2005 winner of the AMAA award as the best actress.

She reveals in a chat with ADEOLA BALOGUN some elements of her style

Favourite perfume

I use any perfume that goes with my body chemistry, so I don't particularly have any favourite. Just any.

Why low cut?

Well, I think it is because I got to a point where my hair wasn't as healthy as it used to be, and I really got so tired of perming, or braiding. I just chopped it off. This is how I started my career anyway. I was hoping that if I chopped it off, it would still look nice.


Anything that makes me comfortable. At times I wear trousers; at times, it is boubou; at other times, I wear keftan– even the way I dress now.

Most prized possession.

Maybe it will be my phone. I have become so attached to my phone, really.

What turns you on in people?

It is a combination of intelligence and integrity.

What turns you off?

Nastiness. Those who go out of their way to be nasty put me off.

Best food

I love all kinds; it really depends on my mood.
Some days, it's pastries with mushrooms and shrimps. And another time, it is amala with ewedu and fresh fish. And at yet another time, it is eba with okro, ila alasepo. Then at another time it is rice and dodo.


I don't like being put up in a small space. I also have a phobia for snake.