Beneath Climate Change Activism is Depopulation

By Tony Ademiluyi

‘Starvation is a legitimate weapon of warfare’ was credited to the Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo who was then the Federal Commissioner for Finance during the heady days of the Nigerian Civil War. Pictures were shown of starving children who were kwashiorkor battered on television which so provoked the late Steve Jobs that it made him tragically agnostic and atheistic as he critically questioned why a loving God would allow such gargantuan suffering to befall his children.

World leaders especially from the West have made climate change activism a global buzzword opining that there is a need to protect the earth from global warming and other climate crisis.

They sell the scam that the best way to achieve this is to stop eating meat, stop production of fossil fuel-based fertilizer, and become vegetarians for health reasons while they eat the fat of the land – the last global climate change conference was held in the opulent Sharm El Sheikh – a swanky hotel in Egypt.

About 3.3 billion people live without a regular electricity supply. While a minuscule estimate of about 30,000 global elitists are spreading climate change propaganda, billions face the grim prospect of hunger, especially in this new year.

In an op-ed written by Jason Isaac and published in RealClearEnergy, Despite this, countries—developed and undeveloped—have jumped on the climate bandwagon and are demanding trillions of dollars for climate finance and reparations. Africa’s political elite may welcome the bribes, but the governed should be forewarned. Germany declared that it would get rid of fossil fuels and become 100% renewable, but after spending $500 billion over 20 years, fossil fuels went from supplying 86% to 79% of the country’s energy — a tiny shift hardly worth the massive cost. With looming threats of rolling blackouts come winter all across Europe, and wintertime freezing deaths on the rise , it would seem German energy producers are waking up. Reports earlier this month that efforts to boost energy supply included demolishing a wind farm to get to the coal underneath.

All over the news this past week has been the left’s call for “ pandemic amnesty ” after all the mistakes they made during the COVID-19 pandemic. A final plea before the election, they’re scrambling to rebrand their plot for power as honest mistakes. But they weren’t just mistakes; they ruined the lives and livelihoods of millions by shutting down businesses, mandating experimental vaccines, and seeking power and control through every avenue they could. Now they just want us to forgive and forget, and though we may forgive, we will never forget. We can’t forget because we can’t let it happen again.

The resolutions of the Cop-27 held in Egypt was rather unfair to developing nations as they want them to stop activities that make life easier for them while they – the developed ones produce most of the environmental waste. How hypocritical!

The poor of the world who have been deprived by the West through unfair anti-people policies shouldn’t be further impoverished in their diets in the name of ‘preserving the planet earth.’ For how long will they be whipping boys for the foibles of the earth’s rich?

Enough of this climate change hocus-pocus!