Masterpiece Cakeshop Backs The Truth On Marriage

By Tony Ademiluyi

Masterpiece Cakeshop, a Colorado-based cake shop has been operating successfully in the state of Denver since 1993.

They faced a litmus test of faith in 2012 when a ‘gay couple’ – Charlie Craig and David Mullins approached the owner Jack Philips to bake a cake for their forthcoming wedding. Mr. Philips declined on religious grounds but offered them other options like birthday cakes, shower cakes, and cookies.

Angered by the decline by Mr. Philips to endorse their abomination, they took him to a Colorado State Court citing discrimination. Mr. Philips countered their asinine argument citing his protection by the first amendment.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court in 2018 overturned the ridiculous ruling by the Colorado Commission which ruled that Mr. Philips was guilty of discrimination in a rare victory for Conservatives and apologists of religious liberty.

It is to be noted that Masterpiece cakeshop suffered severe financial losses for the six years they were in court as they weren’t opened to the public. Only God knows how they funded the expensive litigation which must have left them in dire financial straits.

Masterpiece cakeshop is our brand of the week for their brave decision to stand up for the true definition of marriage and to give meaning to the religious liberty won by the founding fathers of America via the First Amendment.