Dr. Kwame Osei - Why Going to Hospital is a Myth

Source: Dr. Kwame Osei

This article seeks to explain to Ghanaians that the idea of seeking treatment in a hospital is unnecessary and that the idea of a hospital to cure sickness is indeed a fallacy.

In the days of our ancestors say 300 years, 400 years or even 500 years ago there were no hospitals where they would go to treat ailments.

Our ancestors lived on a mainly raw foods, plant based diet as ordained in the book of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 29 where God Almighty insisted that humans should follow a vegetarian diet instead of an animal based diet.

By following in essence the laws of creation and the laws of God our ancestors regularly lived upwards of 100 years and above.

If they did get ill, they did NOT go to hospital to cure them from their ailment(s). They cured their ailments by their diet but also using natural remedies like Aloe Vera, ginger, garlic and medicinal plants like dandelion again as instructed by God in the book of Genesis.

So this begs the question why are Ghanaians today thinking that by going to hospital they will cure themselves from diseases.

In fact the stark reality is that if a person is admitted to hospital they are more likely to die there than be cured of their disease or they are likely to pick up new infections.

A case in point is that in British hospitals up until just recently, there were many cases whereby patients would go to hospital and pick up infections and in some cases death.

The biggest infection that was prevalent at the time was MMR a deadly infection that killed many patients in UK hospitals.

This was due mainly to the lack of basic hygiene that was missing from many of these hospitals.

But the FACT of the matter is that if our ancestors did not need the services of a hospital why then do we believe that we have to use the services of a hospital in order to get better.

It is a complete myth that we have to go to hospital to cure ourselves. As an individual I have not been into a hospital for 31 years since I was 9 years of age.

As a holistic health practitioner and a nutritionist, I can guarantee you 100000% that if you follow a holistic lifestyle and a vegetarian, diary and animal free diet you will never have to go to hospital!!

Why? As I have said on many occasions you are what you eat.

Your blood, organs, tissues, glands etc are made up entirely of what food you put into your body that contributes either to a long life span or short life span.

Also all of the diseases known today, even those that are 'hereditary' are linked to what you eat and don't eat and also the holistic life choices you make such as taking exercise or drinking alcohol.

Eating an animal based high salt and sugary diet, together with high starchy and unsaturated fat content results in going to the hospital and even death.

This diet destroys the immune system, hardens the arteries and causes blood circulation problems - leading to strokes, heart attacks, cancers, lung, kidney disorders and many other diseases.

However if you eat a plant based, vegetarian non diary diet then you would never need to go to a hospital. This is because a plant based diet helps build the immune system, strengthens the organs, glands and tissues and strengthens the arteries allowing for normal blood circulation.

Even if you were to develop a stroke or a heart attack or even develop cancer, there is no need for surgery.

In actual fact the Japanese have cured cancer with carrot juice rather than having surgery or chemotherapy.

Now because of the way the vast majority of Ghanaians have been mis-educated with regards to leaving a healthy lifestyle, many Ghanaians actually believe that if you were to develop one of the aforementioned diseases then you would need surgery.

This however is the European/Western way of thinking. However if you were to take the Afrikan holistic approach you would realize that these diseases can be cured by adopting a plant based vegetarian diet.

Studies in the US states reveal that people who because of their animal based diet contracted cancer were able to reverse the cancer without surgery.

They were able to do this by changing their diet to a plant based vegetarian non diary diet. This diet enabled the body to consume more B complex vitamins, essential amino acids and increasing the essential minerals and nutriments that are vital to the body's development.

This diet also destroys the cancerous cells and regenerates the existing cells and builds the body's immune system.

Therefore what the above proves is the myth of going to hospital to cure oneself from disease. As a people we have to get back to our original Afrikan way of thinking and practice Afrikan holistic health and stop this nonsense of taking European drugs/medicine that is slowly killing us unwittingly.

My advice to Ghanaians is that the best way to avoid going to hospital altogether is to adopt a vegetarian whole food, non dairy, non meat based diet