Dozens Killed, Villages Cleansed As Fulani Militants Attack Christian Communities In Enugu State

By CSI/Nigeria Report
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Enugu State in Nigeria’s southeast has until now largely been spared the jihadist violence that has cut across Nigeria from northeast to southwest. But a spate of attacks by militant Fulani groups is raising fears that Enugu is becoming a new hotspot in the sectarian conflict, writes Franklyne Ogbunwezeh, Senior Research Fellow at Christian Solidarity International.

Since November, dozens have been killed and whole villages have been cleared of inhabitants in Isi Uzo Local Government Area, close to the border with Ebonyi and Benue states. Conflict has been rumbling in the area since 2016, with periodic outbreaks of violence, which have recently intensified.

The latest reported attack took place early on Sunday 18 December when the rural Eha Amufu community was invaded by armed herdsmen. A community leader said at least 10 bodies had been recovered.

Previous attacks occurred on 7 and 8 December, leaving an estimated 25 dead, according to media reports.

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