By NBF News

In Bauchi, Dr. Kassim Gidado, is one of those aspirants to displace the incumbent governor, Mallam Isa Yuguda. He told Saturday Sun that he wants to, as governor, make the state a model.

Why do you want to run for the governorship seat of Bauchi State?

I think the issue is not about running for elective post, but the full commencement of electioneering. So it is a little bit premature for anybody to say clearly that he is going to run not. My case maybe different, in the sense that I went into the contest for the gubernatorial seat in Bauchi State as far back as 2006. And during that time we did the primaries for the choice of the candidate of the PDP. We boycotted the primaries because of how it was handled. Since then, my structure is in place.

We are waiting for INEC to declares the field open. After that, my party will outline its programme and the contest begins. Therefore, it will be a bit premature for one to say categorically that he is going to contest. I leave that decision until the appropriate time. However, it is a fact that I had vied for the post of governor in Bauchi.

I want to make Bauchi State a model state for Nigeria. It is uniquely positioned, and it has good human resources. When I was in the university, Bauchi had a large number of professors at ABU, Zaria. I know the potentials of Bauchi State. There are opportunities to make the state an absolute model for other states in Nigeria. I have seen what is happening in other states and I know that we are better.

The atmosphere is absolutely conducive to do things that can easily transform the lives of people in Bauchi State. I want to improve our huge human capacity and make our state one to be reckoned with in Africa. We can partner with states in other countries. Places like Botswana and Namibia are good cases, which Bauchi State could emulate.

I would do something about the health system in Bauchi State. And I have seen and learnt from experience how we can use tourism to make money.

The incumbent governor is in PDP. How would you survive

We are waiting to know what the PDP, our great party, intends to do. We are waiting to see the platform. The platform means the democratic setup of the party. The PDP is a party that has the capacity to actually deal with things that people might think will be difficult. We have the capacity and wisdom to come out with answers.

As a matter of fact, I will not call it a problem. I will present myself as an alternative. We are in democracy. People will make their choice.

You really think you stand a chance?
Why not. The PDP is a discipline party. So if you are a discipline person, you can fit in much better in PDP. It is a fact. This is a party that has people right across the whole spectrum. And that is what makes PDP unique. I do stand a chance.

PDP in Bauchi State is factionalised into two or three groups. Which of the groups do you belong?

There is only one group in the party. And that one group is PDP. I don't know about factions. In my opinion, there is a party with a democratic system. In democracy people have different opinions of how things should be done or how problems can be solved. That is not factionalisation.

Zoning is tearing the country apart. What is your take on zoning?

I don't think zoning is actually tearing the nation apart. Zoning is something that has been in Nigeria for long. In my opinion I think it is coming at the right time. This is time we need to talk. It is a time to find the best way forward. It is in the interest of Nigeria. The country belongs to all of us. And when this issue comes it is only going to re-enforce and unite us more because it gives us the opportunity to talk. And that is what democracy is about. Where there is no democracy you don't talk. But in democracy we discuss; we debate; we agree to disagree.

What is your position on Attahiru Jega's appointment as INEC chairman?

I think it is a good decision. It is good to appoint a man of his stature in such position. He is an academic. Academia train people. I have the confidence that he will give us free and fair elections.