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Through the Hour Glass

By Melanie Miller

Through the hour glass, I see you.
The winds of time, escapes into another world, when I am alone with you.

I feel the cool breeze, rustle through my womanly tresses, and I am blessed by your love.

The calming feeling of romance is in the air, and I know you are there and that you care.

I see the birds and hear them singing their speical tune just for us.

We fall in love all over again.
It ain't no sin, the way we feel for one another.
Through the test of time, we are smitten by each other.

We laugh, we cry.
Oh me ole' my!
The angels are in the heavens and they play their harps.

We dance yet again to the harmony of the enchanted music...

enchanted we are now, and together, we kiss and romance each other's souls.

We are in love and love abides within our hearts.
I now know we are meant to be together as one.
We are soul mates forever and a day.
What else can I say but whisper into your ear, that I honestly love you, and you alone.

There is none other whom can hold a candle to you, or take your place.

I am in a world of illusion and enchantment and we are kissing each other with sweet kisses.

You are my soul, my heart and my life and I am proud and honored to be your loyal and loving wife.

So...stay with me my dream come true, and never leave my side.

Together, we may explore new horizons and find ourselves in a time gone past.

I am here to say, at last...I have found you and you have found me...and we will climb those mountains of hopes, dreams

and desires and go through that tunnel of love together, and be in love forever and ever, as we soar the blue skies together now.

We will be in a world of love, romance and our final destination is us.

So put your faith and trust in our love and together we shall go new places and feel alive inside our minds.

We shall be as one always in another time and the future holds the key to our sweet romance.

We take a chance and fall for one another each and every day, and find solace in knowing that our love will still be growing,

through the storms and rains.
You will always leave a stain on my heart and I know we shall never part, my enchanting prince and we will love each others soul,

till the very end.