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All good things come to those who wait.'(Japanese proverb) Just like yesterday, how time flies, only last year July 23 to be precise when the announcement of Ogbonna Onovo's appointment as the 14th Inspector general of police was on the air waves.

How time flies, many waters must have passed beneath the bridge. The man has been confronted with many challenges but he is at the front burners and today he is seen as a super cop. From the first day on his assumption of office, Onovo has left no one in doubt of his humble capabilities and writers would say 'all good things come to those who wait in patience.'

Before an is appointed, certain criteria and input from governors and security chiefs are considered. Most often, so little is his consideration of what advisers chip into his ears.

We have seen presidents unilaterally appoint people based on their personal convictions. But despite that, friends of the appointee are always quick to drum into the ears of the appointee that they have a hand in his appointment. Prayer warriors are not left out as they are always fast to claim speaking to God for the appointee.

In the case of Onovo, the story was a little different.

He was one of the few who mounted the office of the IG as second in command without any hassle. In all areas of policing, Onovo has remained, humble, deligent, desterious , loyal and focused.

In his carrier, Onovo has the same fortune smiling at him like his boss

President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan.
Onovo was introduced into the police by his father who also was a policeman.

When Onovo was posted to the 19th Squadron of the Mobile Police, he became

the unit commander of the Squadron in Port Harcourt. He was later to become the

second in command and then as the commanding officer of the squadron. The same

can be said of his posting to the Force Headquarters.

The issue at hand is not recounting the lurels of Onovo, but his noble achievement since he took over the mantle of leadership as the 14th police chief. It is only a man with lion heart that can stand a volcanic eruption. No sooner was he about to settle down in office, the Boko Haram mass destruction ensued. Like a well groomed leader, he made Nigerians to know that he was fully in command of the situation and then won the peace not only for the North but for the entire country.

While the public were appreciative of the police outstanding effort and performances, an international body sees only the perceived 'wrongs' in Africa and not that of the foreign countries. They were more interested in creating controversy and undermining the loss of hundreds of policemen who were killed by Boko Haram's initiates and increasing the population of widows and orphans.

Onovo was not done yet. The Jos unending crisis again resurrected and the media world focused on Nigeria. Onovo and his management team were put on test again and they scaled through.

As if that was not enough, Onovo promised the nation of a free and fair elections and he kept his to his promise in the Anambra and Ekiti by-elections. The step to a free and fair election was kick started by the police.

In all of these, Onovo is quick to reassure Nigerians that they are entitled to freedom of movement and association. No wonder when the coalition of human right activists and those clamoring for good governance took to the streets of Lagos and Abuja calling on the government to produce Yar'adua and later for the removal of Professor Iwu, the INEC chairman and ensure the amendment of the electoral reforms, Onovo took a complete new stand by allowing them to march through the streets with policemen escorting them from their starting points to their destination.

In the past, there would have been an open exchange of fist and teargas.

The peacefulness of these open demonstrations was an added applause for the police.

Here is one of the most refined officers who as a barracks boy was inspired to go to school up to the university level and has been able to attract several accolades and awards sequel to his professionalism. The latest is his being honoured with the Federal Government merit award of Commander Federal Republic (CFR).

The man Onovo has been described as a deep strategist. In many of the political problems and crimes committed to destabilize the country, Onovo has continued to explain that the police has the answer to every criminality if adequately funded. The recent case of the kidnap of four journalists and their driver who were abducted on the high way on the Ikot Ekpene - Aba Road by local kidnappers who demanded for a whooping N200million ransom must have irked the police high command and with the attendant mouthing of the police by commentators. Once more the took a tour of the five states:Abia, Imo, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi with two prone messages for the policemen and the traditional rulers.

To the traditional rulers, he admonished them to continue to raise the moral standard in their communities and be partners with the police in their resolve to flush out criminals from our society. To the police, he used the big stick and severally tongue lashed them for their non performance.

It was all these that may have propelled the special squad and operation I HE team that he set up into an all out onslaught in the kidnappers den. Before he left the South East. Behold his strategy worked and the four journalists were rescued with their driver.

The ecstatic jubilation that pervaded the entire atmosphere was electrifying and added to that was the arrest of some suspects of the kidnap gang,and behold one can confidently declare 'what a glorious ending of a first year in office.' Nigerians would cross their arms as they anticipatedly await the revigorated Onovo in action as the elections draws near.