Increase Accessibility With Digital Solution For Insurance Firm

By Clement Alphonsus
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KBL Insurance Limited has launched an enterprise resource planning software, called IES-Online Application to make its insurance products more accessible to the insuring public and bring service closer to customers.

The firm described the IES Online as a digital application that comes with various modules structured to help transform manual operations and processes of various aspects of the entire insurance underwriting, claims settlement among others.

The firm mentioned that it delivered certificates, discharged vouchers and insurance policy documentations to customers with speed and in record time, which had never been seen in the insurance business in Nigeria.

Added, the new digital mechanic had also been designed to facilitate activities in human resources, finance, and re-insurance, all to maximise technology and achieve optimal customer satisfaction, just as it was obtainable in other climes in the western world, it stated.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Office, Mrs Ukachi Orji, said “KBL Insurance Limited had no choice but to upskill its operations modules to match the ever-dynamic lifestyles of their esteemed customers, with the aim of satisfying them much better than it was in the past, particularly considering the very stiff competition in the financial services sector and their ever-growing demands.”