CAF Holds Inaugural Fundraiser

By Clement Alphonsus
Mrs. Oluremi Ajayi (Founder, CAF)
Mrs. Oluremi Ajayi (Founder, CAF)

Out of her inspiration, passion to connect and care for the aged in Ogun State communities, Compassion for the Aged Foundation (CAF) held its maiden fund raising recently towards extending its outreaches and enhancing support received by beneficiaries.

Since founded by Mrs. Oluremi Ajayi, CAF has been delivering medical checks, welfare packs, optical treatment and financial aid to the elderly since 2019 in line with its vision to bring them comfort in their old age.

Also since its inception, 263 beneficiaries have received health checks and treatment as well as hundreds of care packs delivered at different communities in Ogun State.

Speaking at the fundraising event, which took place in Lagos, Ajayi quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson saying, ‘It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself’.

She emphasised that blessings come from seeing the joy and happiness that comes from providing basic items to old folks.

“I have always connected with old people around me, both known and unknown and there is an intense feeling of compassion I feel when I see them. Many have been abandoned due to the exigencies of our generations, their remote habitat and our cultural superstitious beliefs prevalent in many communities. They deserve a better life; they deserve to be looked after,” she said.

Detailing the foundation’s immediate and long-term plans, Ajayi mentioned a clothes bank rollout in Lagos this year and nationwide subsequently.

“Untarnished pre-loved clothing received at these collection banks will be put up for sale at CAF charity outlet while the rest will be received by interested beneficiaries at their quarterly outreaches,” she added.

With the continued support of donors and volunteers, CAF intends to ultimately establish a residential care home for the aged, which would be manned by caregivers.