Lovers in Love

By Melanie Miller
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We look at one another, and smile a tender smile.
We embrace and look at each other's face, and cry tears, of passion and joy.

We touch each other romantically, and the tears flow again, as we entertwine in ecstasy devine.

We embrace and touch and kiss again, and our love blossoms anew each time we are together.

Like the red roses in their bed, we nestle as they do together.

We inhale their sweet fragrance as we hold on to one another.

We smell their perfume, and it entrances us into oblivion.

We are in another time and we fall in love again and again.

We are lovers in love, and we hold onto one another and we cherish each others body, soul and mind.

We find that we are perfect for one another.
We are 'soul- mates' and we are in love forever.
We know in our hearts that we are meant to be together, for always.

We shall never leave one another's side and our feelings, we can not hide.

You are mine, and I am all yours for the taking.
There is no mistaking, you are my sweet destiny and I in turn, am yours as well.

So take me yet again in your tender and warm and caring arms, as you know,

I can not possibly resist your loving charms and make passion with me, under those blanket of bright and brilliant stars,

and one day, we may be a shining star and look at one another with joy and love and peace...and we maybe a god or goddess,

on the earth one sweet and happy day!