Nigerians In The Netherlands Celebrate Jeffrey Edogiawerie Ekhator On His Birthday (Photos)

By The Nigerian Voice
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Jeffrey Edogiawerie Ekhator

Nigerian born Dutch politician, business man, human capital investor and philantropist, Mr Jeffrey Edogiawerie Ekhator was yesterday celebrated at the Dutch Port city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The celebrant, often refered to as a generational bridge builder is admired by many as a mentor, life coach, icon of business excellence, a phenomenal political leader with modest disposition to life.

Mr. Jeffrey Edogiawerie Ekhator and Wife

No wonder family members, relatives, business associates, political associates, members of the Nigeria diaspora in The Netherlands, the Edo community in The Netherlands, African community in Rotterdam, other friends and well wishers gathered at D’Afrique Food and Drinks Restaurant, Rotterdam (an outlet founded by the celebrant) to celebrate him.

It was Jeffrey Edogiawerie Ekhator's 49th birthday and a platform to present his recent award in Banjul to a very delightful audience who could not accompany him to The Gambia for the investiture ceremony.

Recall that Mr. Ekhator was among Africans who wre celebrated last August in Banjul, Republic of The Gambia for their exceptional contributions to the upliftment of Africa in their areas of endevour.

The founder of the Voice Achievers award, Pastor Elvis Iruh was at the event and made a symbolic presentation of the "African Business Excellence" award plaque to Mr. Ekhator to the full view and admiration of the audience.

The award is a testament to his determination, doggedness, resilience, tenacity and hard work in pursuit of excellence in his business activities in Europe and Africa.

Guests came from Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and other countries to grace the occasion and celebrate the Edo State indigene. There was also visible presence of Don Skimy Yah, prominent Edo music producer and promoter in Europe.

In his speech, the celebrant thanked his wife and children for being part of his journey in life. He appreciated all his relatives, customers, friends, political associates and supporters from near and far that have gathered to celebrate him. He particularly expressed appreciation to all that have continued to motivate him in quest to contribute to the development of his adopted country, The Netherlands. He further thanked everyone that has supported his strive to make Nigeria better via his Charity platform for human capital development investment on Nigerian youths and support to the widows, the elderly and most vulnerable people in his Nigerian community.

“Things are tough and rough at the same time for my people in Nigeria. Nigeria need a change of leadership as that seem to be the most challenging factor to the development of the country”, Jeff stated.

He prayed that the 2023 election in Nigeria would produce leaders with vision and plan for the youths, men and women of Nigeria.

Nigeria has all the potentials to be a great nation but bad leadership has slowed down development. He passionately appealed to all Nigerian citizens to vote wisely to elect the right and credible leaders to move the country forward.

Mr. Jeff Ekhator is the founder of Jeffangs Global Trade and Investment Limited Nigeria. He operates chains of businesses located in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Mr Jeffrey Edogiawerie Ekhator came into political limelight in March 2022 when he contested for a seat in the Municipal election of the city of Rotterdam under the political party named BIJ1. The political party, nationally known for their slogan: 'radical equality and economic equality for all' availed him the window to commence his political journey in The Netherlands. Though he did not clinch the seat he contested for, he has continued to amass political fortunes and good will in the African Community in Rotterdam.

Mr. Ekahtor, known for his extreme generosity is loved by his customers for his personal detailed attention and services to them, observed a customer at the party.

The evening was full of fun activities as the in-house DJ provided the music, a comedian entertained the guests and and African dishes, drinks, including take away handsomely reached everyone.