October 1: Sylva Felicitates With Nigerians 

...hails The Nation's Positive Mood, Bayelsa At 25.

By Julius Bokoru
H.E Timipre Sylva (Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum)
H.E Timipre Sylva (Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum)

H.E Timipre Sylva, Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum, felicitates with Nigerians as the nation celebrates her 62nd Independence Anniversary on Saturday.

Sylva, a patriot and a statesman, calls on Nigerians of all walks of life, of all faiths and creeds, to restimulate our keen sense of nationhood, to bask in the pride and glory of our country and to remind ourselves that Nigeria looks up to us as much as we look up to her.

'This anniversary is a very special one on many fundamental fronts. It sees out President Muhammadu Buhari's government, one that I am very much proud to serve under and offer myself to the divine task of nation-building, and it also leads to the electoral choices ahead'

'This day beckons on us to browse through our souls, to evaluate the roads we have taken, the progress we have made and the doors yet to be opened'

'Its been a journey of ups and downs, from that emotional night in 1960 when the Greens and Whites of the National Flag replaced The Union Jack, to the declaration of a Republic three years after, to the war, to the frantic steps towards unity, a nervous democracy, Atlanta 96, an reworked democracy to this very point we are; a stable democracy at the verge of another national elections'

'Its been a collage of varying fortunes, but we can ultimately pat ourselves on the back and be proud of how far we have come, for this nation has been spurred on by the positivity and unyielding support of Nigerians'

'It is that strength, that vision, that collective belief that we all are stakeholders and we all can get to the Zenith, to the full capacity of Nigeria, that is celebrated today'

'There is still more roads to tread and with this spirit we can only remain on the right path and live up to our trajectory'

The minister also congratulates [email protected], his home state, and prays for God's continued blessings for the state, her natives and residents.

Happy Independence and may God bless our dear nation.

Special Assistant on Media and Public Affairs to H.E Timipre Sylva, Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum.

1 October 2022