Nigerian Politicians, Secure Yourselves

Source: Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, P.E.

About 3 weeks or so ago, on my Facebook page, I and I warned the bredrin Peter Obi that he has sufficiently made his point, and it is time to withdraw from regular public appearances for both tactical and security reasons.

With his recent outburst that he is slated for assassination, in a sense, it is a good thing that this message has sunk home to our bredrin.

The truth of the matter is that under the Buhari Maladministration, security has collapsed completely in Nigeria.

In effect the Maladministration is no longer in charge.

It has lost control of the steering wheel.
It's only agenda right now is to restructure Nigeria in favor of his Fulani ethnicity.

This it intends to achieve via the nationalization of the ancestral lands and ancestral waterways of Indigenous Nigerians, as well as demographic restructuring of Nigerian through the indiscriminate granting of Nigerian citizenship to foreign Fulani elements i.e., bandit-terrorists and herdsmen-terrorists.

Jah Jesus Christus willing, I and I will in the fullness of time spell out exactly how and why security collapsed under the Buhari Maladministration.

Suffice it to say that security in Nigeria under the Buhari Maladministration collapsed because of four key reasons.

Reason number One is the Buhari Maladministration’s expansionist agenda which covers both territorial, fluvial, and demographic restructuring of Nigeria by any means.

Reason number Two, proceeding from number One above, is that the Maladministration sees Fulani terrorism as a catalyst for stampeding Indigenous Nigerians into acquiescing to their expansionist demands.

So, they regarded, and still regard Fulani bandit- and herdsmen-terrorists as potential assets deployable in pursuit of their ethic expansionist objectives.

Proceeding therefrom, the Maladministration shielded Fulani herdsmen- and bandit-terrorists from the full weight of the law, turning them into sacred cows, operating above the laws of the land.

In pursuit of their expansionist goals, they may have serially abused the Nigerian Police, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Airforce and the DSS,by allegedly using all of them to commit acts of state terrorism against Nigerian citizens, justifiably resisting their expansionist agenda.

Reason number Three, proceeding from number Two above, is that other Nigerian criminals, realizing that Fulani terrorists and criminals are treated as being above above the law, started impersonating the Fulani in their crimes, and emulating them in their viciousness, purely for monetary rewards, some it is alleged sponsored and proceeding from State coffers.

Reason number Four is that the Police, the Armed Forces and the DSS who may have been serially deployed to commit acts of state terrorism, against Nigerian citizens peacefully agitating for a looserFederation, are too conflicted to make a U-turn, and submit the sameFulani criminals they hitherto protected, to Justice.

Used to shielding them from the reach of the Law in the past under instructions from above, they are not sure if severely cracking down on Fulani criminals now will earn them the sack, regardless of what the Maladministration says today in Public.

In short, the Maladministration cannot be trusted by its own security and military forces unless and until it publicly renounces and abandons its expansionist agenda.

1. With that being said, I and I enjoin the bredrin Peter Obi, and indeed all other Presidential candidates to jig up their personal security.

2. Do not rely on the Nigerian Police or DSS. Criminals of different ethnic hues have infiltrated these institutions.

3. Be adaptable. The days of going on campaign rallies are mostly gone. Try other means of reaching your followers and supporters, such as via projected Zoom appearances.

4. Be unpredictable and do not pre-announce your appearances. Attend some events live, and Zoom others live, but unpredictably.Your supporters want you alive, not dead.

5. Spend greater time in coordinating your campaigns as well as developing and articulating your respective agendas.

6. Secure your residences and do not sleep there always.

7. Purchase bullet proof campaign vehicles for yourself and key campaign staff, with your donated campaign funds.

8. Place your trust in Jah Jesus Christus.
May Jah Jesus Christus protect the lives of all candidates.

Neither the Nigerian Presidency nor any State Governorship nor any other elective positions are worth the lives of any Nigerianpoliticians, even though some of them plunged Nigeria into its present mess, in pursuit of the Presidency.

We are watching!
May Jah Jesus Christus protect all Nigerians from harm.

Amen! Selah!!
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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