Nigeria: The Results Of Emigration

By Chinedum Anayo

Migration to Europe and North America are currently on the high in Nigeria. Usually, each year numbers of immigrants flow into either the European continent or United States of America or Canada from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

The current crisis in Nigeria has caused a huge leap in these figures. Ranging from political instability to ethnic tensions and to rising insecurity and inflation.

In all honesty, Nigeria is a nation blessed with surplus of resources and despite these benefits, we are still a nuisance to ourselves.

According to World Bank statistics, more than 80 million Nigerians live below the poverty line. In July, inflation rose to almost 20 percent.

The educational system isn't encouraging as one would hope, suffering from underfunding and therefore resulting to constant strikes.

With Nigerians now sleeping with one eye open or some not even able to close their eyes at night, insecurity keeps worsening. Kidnapping and Banditry has become our new reality.

These challenges have caused many Nigerians, particularly youths, to migrate to Europe or North America. Nigerian authorities shamelessly recorded numbers of citizens travelling abroad.

The surface behind migration in Nigeria is self inflicted. Nigerian skills are more than needed in other countries.

Evidently, skilled workers from the health sector were the largest beneficiaries with almost more than 17,000 visas granted since 2021.

Positively, emigration would result to income from diaspora remittances which could boost our economy in the coming years. Also, Nigerians have continuously displayed their many talents abroad due to the more dynamic system and encouraging environment.

But what does emigration really portend for our future ?. Leaving the country ought not to be an achievement.

The long term effect of massive migration from Nigeria is incriminating. The system would only retrogress.

In a country facing inefficiency, further migration increases underdevelopment.

Migration would result to a brain drain in the Nation at all sectors. Our problems are aggravating.

Has Nigeria, who many call home, become a place to flee from ?.

No one could blame anyone aspiring to migrate to a better future, but this surge is on the negative.

Obviously, the Nigerian system has failed her citizens. It is saddening and heartbreaking seeing Nigerians take their skills abroad while the Nigerian system remains inefficient.

Undoubtedly, the 2023 general elections is approaching. There is still hope for Nigeria. We have options to choose from and choosing right is compulsory. If everyone leaves, who would participate in Nation building and development ?.

This is our only country and we should be ready to take it back from those destroying it whether politically or economically.

Chinedum Anayo can be reached via [email protected]