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The much talked about Charly Boy's Private Part was finally presented to the public last week in Abuja.

Amidst dignitaries from all walks of life, the Area Fada presented his book, Private Part, to the viewing pleasure of the general public as he used the opportunity to inaugurate his foundation, The Charly Boy Foundation

CB (as he is fondly called) looked his usual self– weird. Decked in a wine suit and with the usual throng of rings on the one thousand and one pierced parts of his body, he welcomed his guests.

No matter his looks, one thing you can never take away from CB is his intelligence and his tenacity concerning what he believes in.

He believes that his life could be a lesson to the younger ones, and that was the reason he conceived the idea of putting down the story of his life in a book.

Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, his father, never looked more proud of his son as he did during the book presentation. Was it in the way he stood at the entrance of the centre and personally welcomed virtually everybody that came, or was it in the glowing accolades he poured on his son during his address?

“Bizarre as his presentation might appear to the ordinary mind, my son has a discerning mind that is manifesting in almost everything he does.” Justice Oputa said.

The book reviewer, Okey Ikechukwu, commended Charly Boy on his initiative and said that the book ought to be a must-read for everyone, especially the youth.

'Madam Due Process,' Oby Ezekwsili, had wonderful things to say about Charly boy.

She urged people not to get ideas concerning the title of the book.

“Charly Boy's Private Part actually means his private life. I still wonder why the title should elicit chuckle each time it is mentioned.”

But Governor Abdulahi Adamu did not readily agree with Madam Due Process. He told the guests his experience.

“I hosted Charly Boy a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, he stood up, gave me a salute and said, 'Your Excellency, I want to show you my private part.' I was dumbfounded for a while. I felt the man has finally gone caput and needed to see a psychiatrist. It was not until he explained more and showed me the book that I understood what he meant.”

Many other dignitaries including Jimoh Ibrahim, Anyim Pius Anyim and Florence Ita-Giwa graced the occasion.