AHRC Urges Active Participation, Smart Voting:

By AmericaAmerican Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA)

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) urges all registered voters to actively participate and vote during the Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Michigan’s primary elections. AHRC urges voters to vote smart. Have a vision and make the right e decision. Casting an informed and educated “VOTE’ helps better shape our shared future amidst immense changes facing our society and nation.

The challenges are mounting and are increasing day after the other. Crisis are pouring, public health, public safety, climate change, recession & inflation and the so on. These crises are local and national. Local elected officials and national elected officials are responsible for such state of the nation.

Elections time offers unique opportunity for elected officials and candidates to listen well and see clearer. It’s an opportunity for the voters to say it as is and select those qualified candidates. Elections is not about faith and race. Honesty, integrity and qualifications should be first. During elections times, candidates walk the extra mile to reach to their constituents and provide pledges. What is more important is holding them accountable and make sure that they deliver.

VOTING is not only a right. Voting is a civic duty that citizens are oath not to ignore or take it lightly. Elections nowadays are very tight races amidst the sharply divided nations on number of important issues and causes. This is the time for “Voters” to rise to the occasion and render the right Vote for the right candidate with no regards to emotions. Voters make the choice and voters’ choice will impact our lives at all levels.

Primary elections are important. Too many voters underestimate its importance and ignore voting. These misconceptions do hinder the ability of choosing the right candidate before the general November elections. The outcome of many races is determined by the primary elections, where the turn-out to vote is typically low. That is not fair. That cause set-back to voters’ ability to render the needed change here or there. In addition, the new redistricting map created huge confusion and mix up among voters. Unfortunately, too many is still unaware of these changes.

AHRC urges all to vote and not miss to vote. AHRC appeals to voters who did not vote yet prior to the primary election’s day- August 2, 2022, to vote and get others to vote. Every vote counts and this became a true reality as many outcomes of these races are determined by few margin of vote difference. Voting polls will open Tuesday, August 2, 2002, at 7:00AM and close at 8:00PM.