2023: South East Professionals Declare Support For Peter Obi

By Damilare Adeleye

Igbo professionals under the umbrella of Conference of Igbo Professionals Worldwide (CIPW) have endorsed the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi for the 2023 poll.

In a statement signed by the group's National President, Prof. Patrick kalu, and National Secretary, Dr. Uche Mbaka, the professionals said their endorsement was to counter the position of a non-existent, amorphous group masquerading under the name of Conference of South East Progressive Youths,CSEPY, which purported to endorse a Muslim/Muslim ticket by the All Progressives Congress ,APC.

The group maintained that there is no group that goes by the name, “Conference of South East Progressive Youths in the region.

The league of South East Professionals, therefore, challenged the leaders of the so-called regional group to a national debate, to establish their existence.

The South East professionals also appealed to Nigerians, especially the electorate, to throw their weight behind Obi, who has the traditional title of “Okute Ndigbo”.

The group wondered why the APC will contemplate a same-faith presidential ticket, at a time when the country is so sharply-divided along the lines of ethnicity, tribalism, religion and other fault-lines, that have the tendency of instigating internal strife, if not well handled.

“It is our humble contention, that the only man that has the potential to weave together all the tendencies that define our diversity as a nation, is the LP presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.

“Our endorsement of Peter Obi, to all intent and purpose, remains a product of deep and analytical research on the viability of presidential candidates jostling to rule Nigeria come 2023.

“We will like to state that, after a nationwide sampling of opinion, undertaken by seasoned experts, the consensus was the former Anambra State Governor, Mr Peter Obi has what it takes to rebuild our dear nation”

“We invite Nigerians to do an unbiased assessment of the period Obi governed Anambra State, and they will find that the quintessential politician is a study in frugality, probity, accountability, and transparency”, the group said.

The statement further challenged the group masquerading as South East Youths to identify themselves, so Ndigbo in particular, and Nigerians in general, will know them for what they are and profess.

“We received with great shock a yet another sponsored, desperate lies by the APC and its presidential candidate in a press statement against a perfect gentleman and a distinguished son of Igbo land, Sir Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party in the 2023 General Election.

“We ordinariy would not have bothered to join issues with this faceless, non- existent group, but for the impression the sponsored press statement would leave in the minds of unsuspecting and unwary Nigerians, who have made up their minds to vote for Sir Peter Obi the candidate of LP, in the interest of unity and equity.

“This is against the backdrop of the fact that the APC, and PDP have failed the Nigerian people.

“By way of introduction, we are a group of Igbo professionals with offices and structures in every state and local government in Igbo land and in the Diaspora;

“We endorse the presidential candidate of labour party as our candidate for 2023 presidential Election and appeal to all Nigerians worldwide to support the best candidate.

“We reject the Muslim Muslim APC presidential ticket in its entirety, even as we make bold to say that the group that endorsed the presidential candidate of the APC in their press statement today, is fake and unknown to us and the generality of the public.

“We strongly maintain that they are sponsored by the APC and its agents like they did in the case of fake Bishops during the unveiling of the their vice presidential candidate.

“We challenge the non-existent entity to show us one single office of theirs in the entire igbo land. A party that can fake clergymen can fake anything in this world.

“We are not spokespersons for Peter Obi campaign organisation, and do not intend to assume that responsibility, as we leave the political issue raised by the sponsored group for Obi and his campaign organisation to deal with.

“We, however, wish to unequivocally state that there is no such group anywhere in igbo land, while restating the fact, that fake people cannot speak for the Ndigbo, considering the huge human resources we have.

“It is on that note that we urge all Nigerians of goodwill to ignore the lies raised in the referenced press statement in entirety”.