Sour Fate

By Ifeanyi Ndukwe, The Nigerian Voice Entertainment

Sour Fate
what have we to do when the truth is gone
what would be our next line of action
when our Truths sound like a blab
obviously the truth is now sour

Truth is scary
when said leaves u exposed to the cold hands of injustice
gone are the days when the truth sets u free
nowadays it set u to jungle justice

Should we tell lies?
Should the truth b extincted?
thousands of questions rush into my mind
at every thought of the aftermath of Truth

The poor are now vulnerable
there voice is now swallowed by lies told against them
they face the wicked hearts of men
though there's no one to speak on there behalf

Like a fountain
there tears drop
like the rain
there cattarh filled nose keeps drizzling
there helplessness makes there truths lies

But are we to stop?
should we abandon d truth?
hell situations comes and goes
we should hold on to the right we are aware of

Time heals all boo boos as they say
we are not to stop being truthful
our next way out though funny but it's nothing but the truth