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A lot of people, in the past, had thought, the two movie and music marketing giants, Aina Kushoro of the High Waves Video Mart and Yekini Oyedele the boss of Oyedele Nigeria Limited were best of enemies but how wrong were they as the duo, if things augur well, may become in-laws.

Gossip merchants who told me about the happenstances in the household of the two marketers informed that, Kushoro and Alhaji Yekini were not on talking times for sometime due to the amorous blues Kushoro was and still having with his daughter, Serifat.

This lovey-dovey affair, we gathered, nearly made the two pundits in the marketing corridor reach for each other jugulars. Despite the feud between the twosomes, Serifat never seize to continue her love affair with Kushoro.
The latest of the story is that, the once-upon -a-time best of enemies are now coming to reckon with each other as Kushoro, we gathered, surprised Alhaji Yekini Oyedele and others and enrolled Serifat into Opral Benson School of Fashion. After her graduation, we learnt that the Kushoro, all expenses borne by him flew the girl to London where we are told she is doing well.

The scene now seems to be changing as their friendship is bouncing back now that Alhaji has noticed the good gestures Kush extended to his daughter. Can you see the power of money!