Ramadan Lecture: muslim Community Ladies Circle Says There's No Radicalism In Islam

...urges Parents On Home Training Of Children

By Idris Katib

The Amuwo Odofin Muslim Community Ladies Circle, Lagos, has enlightened that there is no radicalism in Islam, stressing that what is usually termed radicalism is people's misrepresentation and lack of willingness to follow the doctrine of Islam as prescribed in the holy Qur'an and Hadith of Prophet Muhamme

These are the words of the Chief Missionary of Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, Sheikh Abdulrahman Ahmad who was guest speaker at the 9th Annual Pre-Ramadan Lecture of Amuwo Odofin Muslim Community Ladies Circle held recently at Crystal Estate Green Park.

Speaking on the Lecture "Radicalism and Insurgency in Islam: The Family perspective", the renowned Scholar, cleared what he termed an erroneous belief that Islam breeds radicalism and insurgency. According to Sheikh Ahmad, “what people termed as radicalism is absolute resignation to the will of Allah as encapsulated in the Holy Quran.

"Muslims who see others as radical are those that believe only in parts of the Quran that favour them, lack understanding and are too lazy to seek understanding of the teachings of the Holy Books and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed” and added that the wrong ascription to Islam, is also fuelled by haters of Islam.

Ahmad stressed the need for Muslims to believe wholeheartedly in the Holy Quran and allow it to be their guide.

He blamed insurgency like Boko Haram and banditry associated with Muslims because of their geographical location on non-beneficial knowledge they have been exposed to, lack of proper home training, government monumental failure which has resulted in lack of employment and abject poverty. There is also failure of the Ulamas who have joined the prosperity train, and abandoned teaching of the right values.

Parents he added, have major roles to play in educating their wards, giving proper home training, being sensitive to their feelings. Guiding them with the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet should be sacrosanct in all homes, he added.

The second lecturer, Dr Khadijah Olaniyan-Shobowale of Department of Language, Art and Social Education, Lagos State University, Ojo, who spoke on Raising Muslim Youth in a Contemporary Society also highlighted the ills affecting youths of todays as the home, failed education system, the society and the youths themselves.

According to her, some parents have delegated their responsibilities to the least qualified in the Society. The Home she said should be haven for the children, the foundation, and the bedrock for all members of the family. Parents she added should be interested in the activities of their children and wards, create time to know their children, relate with them islamically while their emotional and financial needs should be met. “We should know that we will account for the way we train our children before Allah” she said.

The Government, she further said has forsaken its responsibilities, and is paying no attention to the failed education system. The Ummah she added, need to diversify, by holding program that will attract the Youths, like sports, educational program, learning of foreign language etc. Our madrasahs she emphasized, need complete overhauling, as moral values should also be prioritized alongside Quran and other lessons being taught.

She enjoined the Youth themselves to strive and learn more about their religion, “you need to re- discover your religion, learn more about it and act it. You should be proud of your religion and not be ashamed to be called Muslims regardless of what some undesirable elements like boko haram are doing to dent the image of Islam. You should strive and learn more about your religion; do not just be contented with what your parents tell you about the deen, strive to learn more yourself”.

The President, Amuwo Odofin Muslim Community, Alhaji Abdulhakeem Tairu in his keynote address appreciated the Committee for hoisting the flag of the Community and welcomed guests to the event. He appreciated Ar Rahman Ratibi, one of 15 Ratibis and Units, in the Muslim Community for graciously playing host to the event since inception.

The Chief Imam of Amuwo Odofin Muslim Community, Khaifah Sheik Soliu Mayaki blessed the congregation and sought protection for the years to come.

The Lady Vice President of the Muslim Community who doubles as the Chairperson of Ladies Circle Central Working Committee, Alhaja Rasheedat Adetutu Yakub earlier in her address said that the Annual Pre-Ramadan Lecture organized by the Ladies Circle Central Working Committed was one of Amuwo Odofin Muslim Community major programmes which aimed at setting the tone and getting members prepared for the Holy Month of Ramadan.