By NBF News

There was wild jubilation at the Ladi Lawal Lagos Secretariat of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) where the freed journalists were received by their family members and colleagues on arrival.

Speaking on behalf of three others, the Lagos Council Chairman, Wahab, who was flanked by the union's president, Mohammed Garba and former Lagos Council Chairman, Mr Lanre Arogundade, said they were chained like animals by their abductors, whom he described as youths in their early twenties. I was chained in my legs and the neck because they knew I was the chairman.'

'Every 2 hours we were moved farther inside the bush' Oba disclosed. He also described their freedom as an act of God.

Oba who disclosed, they were released around 2 a.m on Sunday, also appealed to the Federal Government to equip the police with sophisticated weapons like the ones handled by the kidnappers.

It was a celebration galore in the homes of the four journalists.

Shouts of Halleluyah and Allahu Akbar rent the atmosphere in the respective homes as friends relatives and other well wishers joined the families to thank God. When Daily Sun visited journalist Estate Arepo Ogun State yesterday the mournful mood which pervaded the homes for about a week had disappeared, with the family members in celebration mood. Wives of freed journalists wore cheerful faces and they attended to all visitors with uncommon hospitality. Food and drinks were served to visitors with enthusiasm.

At the home of Mr Wahab Alabi Oba the Chairman NUJ Lagos State Council his wife, Barakat told Daily Sun: 'I `m very, very happy. He called at about 6 a.m today that he has been released. He has called `me for about three times today, he called at 6 a.m, 6.15 a.m and 12.54 p.m. He said `he was at Umuahia. ]'I thank everybody who supported us in prayers and every other way. You can see that my children are happy. They are jubilating. I thank all Nigerians for their support.'

Barakat jokingly said she would like to have a child to be name Abia or Umuahia, so that the family will not forget the experience. 'Though I have stopped having babies but let me say it jokingly that I will like to have a baby that we will name Abia or Umuahia. If Alhaji comes back and says we should have the baby fine if they Are twins, one will be Abia, the other will be Umuahia,' she stated.

Oba's son, Abdulwahab, said: 'I am very happy that the kidnappers have released my daddy, until I heard the news that my father has been released, I was sad. 'I will go to school tomorrow (today) we have finished our examination before the incident happened next Thursday is our party in my school, I have been praying that daddy is there with `me God is Good.'