Our Daddy In Heaven, Choose The Right Leaders For Nigeria

By Isaac Asabor

Dear Heavenly Father,
I know you would be surprised seeing me address you through this letter. Usually, you are wont to find me on my knees with my hands clasped in prayer. That set-up, no doubt, is more formal and sanctimonious. However, given the urgency of what is on ground in Nigeria at the moment, particularly as per the choice of the next crop of political leaders that will begin to hold sway in various political offices, this format of approach to your throne of grace, to me, is more real and gives me an ample opportunity to write my heart out.

My heavenly Daddy, you must by now be wondering why I am writing this letter to you. As if my daily prayers and wishes, through which I usually chant, sing unto you and express my hopes are not enough, I am confident that you are the God that answers prayers; hence this manner of approach. I am writing this letter to solicit your divine assistance for Nigerians to choose credible president, lawmakers and other politicians that would be contesting in the general elections, come 2023 that can deliver us from the lingering adverse situations that are we have been facing from ages in the form of wobbling economy, porous security situation, unemployment, hunger and poverty. I was compelled to approach your throne of grace through this avant-garde method as Nigeria, since 1960, has not been blessed with people-oriented and patriotic political leaders. Literarily put, virtually every crop of political leaders that has been leading Nigerians since independence has not been able, or rather blessed enough to deliver the country from festering socio-economic malaise.

In fact, having understudied the life of David, I was compelled to convey this letter to you; irrespective of the criticisms and condemnations that may trail it from the demographic segment of the population that are illogically disposed to censoriousness.

Daddy, permit me to remind you that David was chosen by you to be the King of Israel. We know him as the boy who defeated Goliath and your chosen one who destroyed your enemies. He was the chosen King of Israel, and man after your own heart. Yet, his own family had a very different view of him. David was the overlooked son of the family. He was the runt of the litter who does not get much respect from his own family. Yet, you chose him to be your man. Why did you choose him? As learnt through your word, when push came to shove, he would always do what you commanded him to do. His disposition towards your commandments has taught us that obedience to your words is what moves mountains. You does not call the qualified, rather you qualifies the called, and you works miracles with the simplest of people who are willing to listen to you.

Also, your words in 1 Samuel Chapter 16 verse 7 has taught us that Samuel was the prophet you sent to find the man who would be the new King of Israel in the biblical days. The incumbent King at the time was Saul who disobediently stopped listening to you and refused to repent each time he was confronted over his attitude. It was written in your word that he had a ton of excuses but no actual sorrow over failing to listen to you. So you sent Samuel to the family of Jesse to choose a new King. The bible also made us to know that an interesting thing happens when Samuel arrived.

Daddy, it would be recalled in this context that Jesse had 8 sons, and that when Samuel arrived to examine them and determine who would be King that Jesse brought out 7 of the boys and paraded them before the old prophet with the expectation that it would be one of them.

As understood from the scripture, Samuel was immediately impressed. He saw the oldest, Eliab, first and having judged from his appearance, he immediately thought that he looked like a king, and erroneously considered the King choosing contest to be over. This was as Eliab was seen to be tall, strong and handsome. Against the foregoing backdrop, diverse thoughts might had streamed through the subconscious of Samuel as Eliab looked like the type of man who came across like someone that would look good on horseback whilst leading his men into battle. He appeared to be God’s mighty warrior. To Samuel, Eliab fit the part and his selection made perfect sense to him. Yet, God’s standard for choosing His leaders was, and still, very different. Aptly put, God Chooses the willing not the most impressive.

Daddy, I am addressing this letter to you to seek your intervention as we are about to make a mistake again in the choice of who succeeds President Muhammadu and other political leaders that have indicated interest to contest for various political position in the general elections scheduled to be contested in 2023. As it seems, Nigerians have again started looking at the appearance of aspirants exactly the way Buhari and other political were presented to us as a messiahs when they contested in various positions and won at the general elections in 2015.

Daddy, as an omniscience God, I believe you know that six years after Buhari took office that not few Nigerians became dissatisfied with his performance so much that he was no longer seen to be the messiah he was portrayed to be by his campaign team.

My heavenly father, it is because of the foregoing which most Nigerians considered to be an error that I am praying for you to intervene, particularly as another set of politicians are been positioned as the country’s saviours come 2023. The politicians include some who have openly indicated interest to contest the presidential election, and others who have not indicated interest in various elective positions.

I am particularly inclined to bare my mind on this issue for the fact that “Man chooses by appearance”, but you as our heavenly father who the book of Isaiah chapter 46 verse 10 describes to know the end from the beginning, make known the end from ancient times, and what is still to come, and who says, “My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please” will always make the right choice of leaders for Nigerians.

Daddy, I must confess that Nigerians are desirous for you to choose leaders for them as they are doubtful of the aspirants that are presently stumping across constituencies to tell the electorates why they should be voted for in the positions they aspire to contest in.

Our heavenly father, as I drop my pen, kindly come down and chose the right candidates for us. As it is now, we are at crossroads because most of the aspirants have variously been tested in past democratic dispensations but most of us still doubt their collective integrity, and of most concern to us, we don’t want to make another round of blunder in the choice of leaders that would lead us from next year, 2023.