Sanya Omirin: The Man Who Cares

Source: Rèmí Oyèyemí.
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Sanya Omirin

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

He is a gentleman. But a gentleman with a difference. A gentleman with a wonderful spirit. A gentleman with a good heart. A gentleman with a kind heart. A gentleman that worries about you and your well-being. A gentleman that never complains how many times he has to come to your aid. A gentleman that is steady. A gentleman that is reliable. A gentleman that is sincere in his dealings. A gentleman that is dignified in his integrity.

"Ká s'òrò, ká ba béè n'iyì Omoluabi." This is one of the conventional sayings of our fathers. It underscores our ethos as Yorùbá. It defines good manners in our milieu. Such a practice, is fundamental to the characterization of a genuine, sincere and honest person as Yorùbá. It is part of our uniqueness. It sets us apart from others, even though that quality may not be exclusive to us. But we take it very seriously in all ramifications in our cosmological extrapolations.

It is usually, a departing point in psychoanalyzing any personality. The outcome of that analysis determines whether that personality is worthy of being related to. Whether such personality is worthy of being invested with you trust. Whether such a personality is worthy of being invested with your confidence. The conclusion of this psychoanalysis would supply the indicators of such a person's reliability, dependability, credibility, purity and validity.

In our personal relationships, the most important value is defined by the word "care." To care for the other party, be it your spouse, your friend, your child or anyone around you. It is the best way to define "love" that is unalloyed. It is the most important variable of our humanity. It is the propellant of nature. It is what makes the World go around. Care from someone who gives it in whatever fashion, has renewed lives. It has given hopes. It has made dreams possible. It has washed away tears. It has stop the gnashing of teeth.

Without a heart that cares, the World becomes hellish. Without a heart that cares, misery becomes pandemic. Without a heart that cares, agonies become contagious. Without a heart that cares, many dreams would go unfulfilled. Without a heart that cares, a bunch of hopes become forlorn. Without a heart that cares, there would be an ocean of tears, milling with anguish. Without a heart that cares, we would have torrent of tears of torment.

Whoever has a heart that cares is best suited for leadership. This is because with a heart that cares, all other positives become intrinsic. Other qualities become elemental. They become inherent and innate. Justice and fairness become congenital. Balance and equity become deep-seated. A heart that cares is naturally imbued with sense of responsibility. Being accountable is the fuel that runs a heart that cares. Being considerate is the wheel on which a heart that cares rolls.

For a heart that cares, everything is valued from the perspective of others, their comfort and well being. It is from the standpoint of the greatest good for the greatest number. It is from the angle of general welfare. For a heart that cares, humility is its foundation. Respect for self and others are the rock for a heart that cares. Appreciating extraordinary qualities in ordinary people is the life wire of a heart that cares. To a heart that cares, every single man or woman has a value. He or she has something to offer if properly cared for and nurtured.

For a heart that cares, vendetta is unknown. For a heart that cares, there is no beguilement. For a heart that cares, egoism is foreign. And so is egotism. For a heart that cares, self-aggrandizement is absent. Just innocuous duty of care. A heart that cares is arid of self-centeredness. No self-pride. No false promises. No lie peddling. No falsehood hawking.

A heart that truly cares is a scarce commodity, especially among those who lead us today. It is a quality that is very rare in the leadership of our society. Its absence has caused a lot of woes for everybody. The lack of a heart that cares is depriving our youths of hope. It is turning our cities into ghettos. It is turning our children into drug addicts. It is depriving them of jobs and joy. It is destroying our today, tomorrow and the day after.

Looking for a heart that cares is a titanic task. It is a yeoman’s job. It is not even a task for which anyone would likely be appreciated. In these times, people even give excuses for kleptomaniacs and morally vacuous certificate forgers, as long as crunchy crumbs creep to some and sordid sundry gains, glide to some. With the lack of a heart that cares, the milieu is morally malodorous.

Now this gentleman is stepping out. His names are Oluwasanya Emmanuel Omirin. He is a gentleman with a good heart. A gentleman with a heart that cares. I am enamored of him. I am captivated by him. I am enthused with him. He is the man for these times. To restore hope. To put dreams ack on track. To dispense Justice and fairness. To ensure balance and equity. To underscore the extraordinariness of ordinary Osun citizens. To make them believe that all is not lost.

Oluwasanya, exemplifies his own name. He is an exemplar of the meaning of Oluwasanya – the Lord takes away my woes. Since he has a heart that cares, putting smiles on the faces of others has been intrinsic to him. It is his nature. He is what our people need. Leadership that cares. Leadership that is not self-centered. Leadership that listens. Leadership that brings everyone together.

Oluwasanya Emmanuel Omirin is The Man. He is the man that cares. Support him for the sake of progress, peace and prosperity.

©Remi Oyeyemi