Jonathan, Native Doctor & Double-Speak

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If people should analysis some statements coming from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, some would pass him as a leader that should not be trusted; he seems acting and talking, before reasoning. During late President Yar'Adua's ill-health, Jonathan then vice-president claimed that Yar'Adua spoke with him from sickbed the weekend he allegedly spoke (also) with both Senate President David Mark and Speaker Dimeji Bankole, a statement he surprisingly recanted when he became substantive President; claiming that Yar'Adua's aides and wife shielded him from speaking with or seeing the late President Yar'Adua. Such double-speak can only be associated with deceitful leadership - both at the executive and legislative levels.

After Nigeria's hosting of under-17 world soccer tournament, President Jonathan ordered probe of its Committee but nothing has been made public long after expiration of the time limit. Again after the world cup in South Africa, he unnecessarily placed 2-year ban on Nigeria international soccer but swallowed his vomit, on FIFA's threat.

In Uyo Thursday 15/7/10 during a town-hall meeting, President Jonathan announced the arrest of one of the journalists' kidnappers without confirming whether the information came from IGP Onovo, a man running from pillar to post with no solution in sight. If actually anyone was arrested the only worthy thing to have been done was force the arrested to lead the security agents straight to the hide-out where the journalists are being holed in.

It will be recollected that when Jonathan was sworn in as President, he told the nation that “very soon” Nigeria would witness uninterrupted power supply but again at the Uyo event, he said that even if he “is a native doctor” it would be hard to predict when this would be achieved. This mention of 'native doctor' instead of 'prophet' could mean the efficacy in President's belief in native doctors, thus reminding one of native doctor Pereowei of NDDC Sam Edem saga; a man who confessed that he was also spiritual father/consultant to Jonathan from the time he was Bayelsa's deputy governor. Can President Jonathan ever be trusted again?

Olufemi Adisa,
Akiolu Crescent,
Ring Road, IBADAN [email protected]