Man And Antiquities Protection

By Tonade Funmilola Abiodun
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Tonade Funmilola Abiodun

Antiquities are objects, statutes, buildings or work of arts from the ancient past or earlier period which were kept to the present days. Antiquities are the quality of being old or ancient of a considerable age, it is also something such as objects or relic belonging to or dating from ancient times. They are kept in the museums for preservation and documentation.

Many individuals are not aware of the threats to the antiquities the reason why they were being vandalized, stole, misappropriated and destroyed. Our antiquities create links between past, present and our future, an avenue through which the future generations can have the opportunity of seeing and appreciating the stories of the past. They are cultural heritage which represent s a source of identity and contribute to the economic stability and development of our society.

Antiquities are of many types which include, Ancient furniture, Jewelry, Clock, Kitchen ware, coin, Ancient buildings, Statutes, Objects, Art works, collections, Ancient Institutes and many more that are of a considerable age and value.

Despite the importance and advantages of antiquities, there are some factors affecting it which should not be overlooked, they are; Thefts, Vandalism, Negligence, Fire, Organic or inorganic agents, Misappropriation, Stealing and many more.

Based on the above factors, it is paramount to protect our Antiquities so that the ancient histories will not be forgotten or lost. Protecting antiquities are considered with a great importance in the administration of Museums. Museums have ways of protecting them so as to preserve our source of identities from being destroyed.

Antiquities can be protected by, Location, Registration and Documentation, Preservation and prevention of its destruction, alteration and any direct or indirect damage, Educating and creating awareness to the citizen on the cultural heritage, it importance , Circulating information about the theft as rapidly as possible, Training courses on cultural heritage for Antiquities protection officers, Law Enforcement Agencies, having to protect our Antiquities irrespective of the locations ,Preventing any illegal excavation and restoration whenever necessary and so on.

In conclusion, protecting Antiquities has many benefits which includes; Economic growth and stability, our artifacts and other materials have tremendous and historical value which may be vulnerable to looting by people who knows their monetary value, Old Monuments reflects our histories, and they help us to understand the present people who lived in different era. Antiquities constitute histories of the past, protecting them enable the study and interpretation of it on behalf of and for the benefits of present and future generations. It also provides a source of identity and keeps our integrity as people.

Tonade Funmilola Abiodun is Principal Assistant Antiquity Protection Officer 1 with National Commission for Museum and Monument. She writes from Osogbo.