Somalia's President, Farmajo Famous For Flying With Civilians In Economy Class. 

By Hassan Abdulle

In his most recent diplomatic trip, Farmajo today flew to Turkey to attend the Turkey-Africa summit and to everyone's dismay, shared seats with ordinary travelers.

President Farmajo can afford to buy a private jet but luxury is not his cup of tea.

Speaking in an event a few years ago he said "when I became prime minister and wanted to go for a work trip to Kenya, they booked for me a private jet and a 5 star hotel in Nairobi. I asked them how much that was and they told me tens of thousands of dollars. I told them to cancel everything and book ordinary plane and hotel and ended up saving a lot of money. I could not spend all that money while I leave behind poor and hungry people."

This is a man that has the interest of his people at heart.

These are the stories that European media, Western African media, Arab Median will never tell you. For them, Farmajo and other African leaders are corrupt with nothing good to write about them.