Restructure Nigeria, Break That Pot Of Poverty

Source: Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, P.E.
image Credit: Vanguard News.
image Credit: Vanguard News.

Nigerians must abolish the common pot system where the holder of power in Abuja throws crumbs at some children of the house, starves others, overfeeds a few from his own neck of the woods, and throws juicy morsels at his distant relatives who do not even belong to the house.

That such a scandalous thing could happen unchallenged in Nigeria but supported by the majority, proves that the Nigeria house is broken, and must be rebuilt from the foundations up, or the residents be allowed to pack out if they have found alternative accommodation.

Lest the poorly maintained house collapse upon their heads.

That all are compelled, in the name of One Nigeria to remain in a broken Nigeria house with cracked walls, leaky roof, shattered windows, and without doors to monitor in-comings and out-goings, is a gross act of injustice crying out to Jah Jesus Christus for divine redress.

It is there in the Bible: those who will not work, or go to school, or learn a trade, must not eat from the sweat of others.

Nigerians, restructure Nigeria so every section in Nigeria may rightfully maintain its own pot.

Instead of having Governors go to Abuja monthly with begging bowls in hand, roles should be reversed in a restructured Nigeria.

Let the center go to states and zones to beg for the sustenance of One Nigeria.

The era of fossil fuels is gone.
We live presently in the age of self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and environmental sustainability.

The world has moved on and will not wait for Nigerians to convince their archaic and prehistoric leaders to move on with it.

Those who will not go to school or learn a trade but would rather carry religious scrolls and AK-47s around while escorting grazing animals back and forth, are welcome to their choice.

Provided they restrict such choice to their own neck of the woods.

As you make your bed so you must lie upon it.
You cannot make your bed in one way, and insist that you must lie on another's bed, made differently with significant effort, in that way, all in the fraudulent name of One Nigeria.

It is impossible and runs contrary to the natural law.

According to the natural law, it will not happen.
And the natural law is always the final word, whether you like it or not.

Majority in number does not translate to majority in workable, progressive ideas, just as minority in number does not translate to majority in stupidity.

Some take pride in infiltrating their non-indigenous cousins into Nigeria to inflate their majority.

They should put that newfound majority to work in their own neck of the woods.

Soon all will realize that majority in number does not always translate to majority of excellent ideas.

And, that quality is always better than quantity.
Bredrins and sistrens, restructure Nigeria and let everyone move at their own pace without let or hindrance.

It has been proven time and time again, that the concept of democracy, where majority is always right, regardless of subsisting cultural similarity or dissimilarity, is the ultimate harbinger of instability and wars in Africa.

Ethiopia, and Sudan are recent cases in point.
Somalia where there are no language dissimilarities but dialect differences also proves the point that Africans should rearrange themselves into internal compatible entities where dialect, language and culture cannot cause conflicts of misunderstanding or serve as excuses, therefore.

In the United States, cities that can go it alone form their own administrative jurisdictions.

Those that cannot, team together in a spirit of live and let live to coexist under one administrative roof.

There are no internal conflicts because things are always done on merit.

You always live or die by your results.
In America, if you are not an American indigene, you have to work doubly or triply hard to merit your shirt at your workplace.

In Nigeria, if you are not a Nigerian citizen, but a Fulani bandit-terrorist, the indigenes you terrorize daily in their own ancestral lands, have to work doubly or triply hard to merely get you labeled as a terrorist.

And without success to date.
What kind of country is that for heaven’s sake?

Smash that common pot in Abuja! Restructure Nigeria without delay!!

We are watching....
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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