I thank american people for electing a black Mayor in Newyork 

By Alexander Opicho  (Lodwar, Kenya)
image credit:dailynigerian.com
image credit:dailynigerian.com

The People of America have once again said a loudly that it is NO! to the fallacy that used to charge men by the colour of their skin but not the depth of their character. They have done this through electing a black man, Eric Adams as a mayor of New York.

This is one of the most epoch making political choices in the history of American democracy. It is so epochal that humanity of a black person now has been recognized through an electoral choices in one of the most powerful cities on earth.

This has to be taken as a moment of realized dream, as once prophesied by Dr King. It is not an event to be looked at through the lenses of partisan manoeuvre that often characterize electoral politics.

Maybe less than two centuries ago, parents of Eric Adams were slaves in American, but now the offspring is a mayor of new York .The most second powerful job in the USA after the potus.

It is a challenge to Eric Adams, he must look ahead with focus on humanity, not tension and concern about bitter history of black skins having had buckled under the yoke of racial hatred known as slavery and enslavement of Negroes.

Just as keen scholars in the likes of Aime Ceasaire have often noted, a black person had been doubted for long without reason .The tag of savagery as a way of identifying a black person was coined to perfect evil intentions.But now the truth has been accepted through rational culture of democracy. Let it be a pacesetting start for other countries to stop looking at black persons as a mistake of creation and nature . No, black people are acutely at the center of global social reality. Congregation, your Majesty the Mayor, Eric Adams.

Alexander Opicho writes from, Lodwar, Kenya.