Why I Weep For My Country

Source: Solomon Akobe Esq.
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They killed two, injured many and took one away
In the very place where their gallant defenders are brewed

Today, the lion has become a lamb
And the eagle now flies with the feathers of a fowl

Insurgents are pardoned while legitimate agitators are jailed

Tables are prepared for invading nomads to dine and wine

While the aborigenes are made to flee the land of their births

With open arms, they negotiate with cruel unknown gunmen

And unleash terror on harmless worshippers
They freeze bank accounts of innocent protesters
But pay thousands of dollars as ransoms to merciless bandits

The bandits now use the money to procure more sophisticated weapons

And launch attack on their Formations
They do not spare even the very place where their gallant fighters are trained

They struck at night and the defenders were caught defenceless!

Who shall we tell this gory tale?
And to whom shall we run?
Only time shall tell!
S.O. Akobe; is a lawyer, Poet and Social Commentator.