Tigray! Kabul! Haiti

By Alexander Opicho
image credit: Standard.co.uk
image credit: Standard.co.uk

Tigray! Kabul! Haiti (poem)
Tigray! Tigray with arms or hunger kill not children
Powerless women, aliens or armless civil otherness
Reason prays your unsnagged revert to Ethiopia
Your strength as beauty is in soaring Ethiopianilism,

Talibans of Kabul salute to your victory
Walk Afghanistan but Lo! God torch-bearing
Hurt not those forlorn in your boundless custody
For losers in war have also value before Allah,

Victims of earth-quake in blackness of Haiti
We wish you all well and favour from God
Tremors are natural menace but which have
Governments to forestall the imp with them,

Alexander Opicho writes from Lodwar, Kenya; [email protected]