Joint Houses Of Thieves Rule A Great Country

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When you have notable Nigerians as Professor Nwabueze calling for bloody revolution, while reactionary like General Danjuma that had spilled blood called for caution because it knows no friends or foes, those of us crying for change may not be crazy after all. But there are others that think we have the greatest Country in the world. No matter what our differences are about Nigeria, there is no greater place like home than African countries.

The debate amongst us usually fall along what Africa was when we were growing up and the state it is today. Those who grew up in the days of Nkrumah, Zik, Awo, Kenyatta and Toure may express some degree of satisfaction different from those that went through the tough time of Albert Luthuli, Mandela, and Joshua Nkomo. It is even a marked difference to the days of our children that have never known any good old days.

Whichever way we look at Nigeria, some people are counting their blessing while others see their lives as half empty. We complain about lack of power for electricity, there are far more people enjoying electricity than ever and the number of people who can afford constant supply either by generators or otherwise are more than the good old days. So if we are going by share numbers of people, ignoring those without, Nigeria made progress.

The number of cities, beautiful buildings and rapid road/transport system throughout the Country cannot be compared to the very few we had during the good old days. The big homes, highways, skyscrapers and the number of cars have never been greater for those that can afford to use them or live there. There are so many of these amenities that were not available in the good old days some of us talk about.

There are many people making more money than ever, even beggars do not take small change anymore. If the cost of everything including food and housing has gone up as a result, that is also true anywhere in the world. You cannot buy fish and chips or burgers for the same price you paid in the good old days overseas, so do not expect to pay less in Nigeria. People are spending money at restaurants buying assorted bush meat and fresh fish nonstop. May God never let us do without saki, abodi, edo, bokoto. If you do not have money, say so. That is a different problem jo.

Look at our educational system, we used to have only one university at Ibadan for the whole Country. Today, we have universities and colleges in every major city and international high schools everywhere. Unlike those good old days when only university elites used to rule us, that discrimination has vanished. It is now optional because more schools do not mean better common sense. So, all you have to do is finish primary school and get into some vocational or military academy. You are set to taunt your qualifications and experience to rule the whole Country.

We used to be pagans and kaferi, thank God that rubbish is history, we are now the most religious Country in the whole world. Our Christian and Moslem religions have made us more compassionate and caring people throwing crumbs to the poor that worship us. The days of civil war is gone, Nigeria is united today because we believe in one country indivisible. Let us be serious, ethnic qualms cannot be compared to the days of civil war. Ethnic conflict is better because it is more of a nuisance compared to civil wars.

Nevertheless, some people will complain like anywhere else. Even Americans and British people complain about their own countries. Please do not be fictitious with cynicism, we are not saying we cannot do better but let us be grateful for what we have. Not even Rome was built in a day. If Nigeria is that bad, foreigners will not be making it here. If they have to hold their nose while making the money, it means it so worth it they risk fine offering bribes. Can we make the kind of money they make in Nigeria in their countries?

There is no doubt that there are poor people in Africa, Nigeria is not an exception but if you look at our fingers, it is obvious that they are not equal. Most poor people are lazy and would rather depend on handouts. Those of us, who have traveled out, have seen worse countries than Nigeria, which is why we never stay too long outside the Country. Ask Umaru Diko, there used to be a time when you would not see people pick food from the garbage as they do in America. But time has changed, it is the fault of lazy people.

As you read this, do not get sick to your stomach and it is not funny either. The glory or misfortune of our blood and state may determine how individuals see African countries. If there are Nigerians who hardly see anything good about the Country, they are part of the problem. They are talkers and evil doers. A little faith in God's time will solve problems. We need to pray more.

When we were growing up our parents' responsibilities were easier burden to carry. They provided for their families and relatives. As onerous as it was for our parents, it was not impossible otherwise they would not have cared for so many people. It is completely different these days, there are more people expecting manna from heaven to feed their children. The poor have children and the rich have money. People are out to dupe you if you try to help. Poverty has to do with their attitudes.

In sports, our soccer teams have improved considerably. We used to have the Adebajo Babes, Stationary or Enyimba boys and Kano XI. Only a few international soccer players like Thunder Balogun and Onyeali, compared to today with so many of them all over Europe in different teams. If we can bring all of them together with the best talents at home, Nigeria would win the World Cup. That is why we always have foreign coaches.

Haba, how can anyone say there is no progress in Nigeria when we are having the best of our time? Some people who are too lazy to make it blame others for their misery. All they do is complain and never see anything good about us. We know where we are coming from and how far we have reached, it was not a short journey.

We better warn the good old Professor Nwabueze seriously, those that have seen action like General Danjuma, must have repented after knowing better. Please do not encourage some hungry thugs to snatch our lives and happiness away, abeg. We no wan die o!

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