'l Am Turning Myself In', Abba Kyari Needs To Tell The American Judiciary Now!

Source: Prof. John Egbeazien Oshodi

This is a brotherly legal psychology note to Abba Kyari, in his capacity as a now troubled Deputy Commissioner of Police in the Nigeria Police Force, where he is currently heading the Inspector General of Police’s Intelligence Response Team.

Ramon 'Hushpuppi' Abbas , the Nigerian fraudster who recently pleaded guilty in the United States on conspiracy to engage in money laundering has told how he bribed you in your capacity as a police officer. As we speak you remain one of Nigerian's Deputy Commissioner of Police currently heading the IGP Intelligence Response Team. All that is about to end. Believe me.

Hushpuppi is about to face long time in prison. His plea deal could involve him to cooperate with the American government by naming what is known as a "bigger fish" like you. Not because you are rich but for the fact that you are a law enforcement authority in Nigeria, a seriously corruption driven society. So, keep that in mind.

If the prosecutor and the judge in a California federal court find Abbas revelations potent about you by providing solid documentation (e.g. evidence of text messages, audio/video records, phone records, money transfer, travel information, receipts of things (e.g., a wristwatch you bought) he will get reduced sentence in prison.

That is partly what is called plea bargain. This is the American Justice system. It takes its time. They make sure the investigations and evidence are almost perfect. They generally have been following you meticulously and collecting and monitoring all your false proceeds and movements. Your traveling patterns in and out of Nigeria especially when they are related to conspiratorial and fraudulently acquisitions. I will call you Oga henceforth, meaning a very important person (VIP), big man (important Nigerian) or Ogakpatakpa (influential power in Nigeria). Even though in the eyes of the American justice you are as equal as any citizen in Nigeria no matter one’s social-economic class.

Oga Kyari you need to know that one element of the plea bargain is that you as a defendant may be willing to reveal information such as location of stolen goods, names of others participating in the crime or admission of other crimes. Meaning if you know any other officers, politicians, businesspersons, or any other international type of fraud especially where American interest is involved tell it all honestly.

Oga Kyari, it is time to spill the beans (divulge any secret you know) when you get to America. Reveal names of Nigerians like your esteemed self, involved in fraud, corruption, racketeering, theft, and money laundering. That's includes any top official in past or present government.

Oga the judge must agree to the result of the plea bargain before accepting the plea. A case like yours will be interesting before the judge. In America, no unusual delay ooo, no night visit to a judge, no sending an ex-judge, Imam, pastor to go see a judge at night or in a hotel with a bag of money. Here is what you need to know about plea bargaining aspects of sentencing.

The American courts like plea bargaining, because it helps cut down on the number of trials, reduce danger to you as a defendant from getting a long term in prison if convicted after trial, and it allows the prosecutor to get useful information on criminal activities of others from a defendant. Don’t get into any sort of plea bargaining just because you want to return home quick, there is danger if you lie you will get the worst.

Oga Kyari hope you get a skilled defense attorney when you get to’ Cali’ as the late music giant , Notorious B.I. G use to call California. In fact, since you like being around ‘money men’ or socialite like Obi Cubana who was seen throwing money around during his mother’s funeral, check out Biggie’s song titled, "Going Back to Cali"

Again, the defense attorney you get or assigned to you should be able to work with the prosecutor to craft a plea agreement that is good for you with the American government. There is one important thing you must know; it is called mitigating factors. For example, your lawyer will let the judge know you are an upstanding of a citizen and police officer, like the famous kidnapped work you did but if they find out that you have been involved in cases of extortions of the Nigerian citizens the judge will not allow the pleas bargaining to happen.

Oga kyari, in 2018, rights group Amnesty International accused you of illegally depleting assets of a suspected criminal after your team shot the man dead on the highway. Collins Ezenwa’s wife at the time said you and your team withdrew money from her late husband’s bank account and pocketed millions in accommodation proceeds from his hotels. I don’t know if this case was ‘buried’ as usual as such is common in Nigeria but if you don’t have what is called priors or convictions you may add more lines of leniency to your sentencing but again what you did to Ezenwa is a moral wrongdoing which may count against you.

Back to the issue of honesty, I repeat don’t lie. As in your initial social media response to your American troubles, you said, "Nobody demand for a kobo from Abbas Hushpuppi”. I will tell you this: stop it, don’t add more to your issues, American judges don’t like falsehoods. Oga Kyari, you should have known better and stayed away from your name’s sake, a sensational swindler.

Oga Kyari, you have been accused by the American government that as a police officer you abandoned your duties in Nigeria sometime in 2019 and flew to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to be with Hushpuppi.

Oga, Kyari that will count against you morally.
Abbas asked you to arrest and jail a fellow fraudster Kelly Chibuzor Vincent after both were locked in a disagreement presumably over how to share the $1.1million loot received from the Qatar businessperson. And naively you did, and after arresting Vincent you even sent Abbas photographs of Vincent arrest. You got money from it; American government have all these records. Oga Kyari, what sort of thing is this? You might gain from a psychological testing followed by therapy while in prison so that you stop this type of thought process.

There is now a warrant for your arrest. This is not a warrant from Nigeria where an overactive or even a compromised judge can just wake up any morning and restrain the police from arresting you.

No, this is the United States of America. There is nothing like, ‘I am from the same ethnic and religious background of the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Inspector General of Police Usman Alkali Baba or Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami. As such they might quietly protect you. No ooo, it does not work like that in the USA.

In fact, if you truly know any criminal act any of them have engaged in as it pertains to international fraudulent acts reveal it as it may help you towards reduction of sentence.

Oga Kyari, once the request for extraction is received by the attorney general at the end your matter will go through all the extradition legal procedures in Nigeria but take it from me you will still end up in America. They do not fk around!

Don’t try to be like the now late Senator Buruji Kashamu who had an order for extradition by the American government from a ”1998 indictment by a grand jury in the Northern District of Illinois for conspiracy to import and distribute heroin in the United States, that indictment remained on his head for 22 years until he died from Covid-19. He kept fighting the plans to extradite him claiming mistaken identity. Your identity is clear.

Oga Kyari, the police leadership wants to review the American case against you, the national assembly, presidency, Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) or even some pro-government NGOs. Those Nigeria type delay styled inquiries don’t work with the America justice system. Remember my psycho-legal advice, cooperating with the Americans is a huge mitigating, leniency, or helpful factor. So, pack your load go to the FBI office in Abuja and say here I come! I must advice that you ‘watch your back’ to stay alive prior to your departure as others know you will give out names. No matter what, do not attempt suicide. During your time in prison, I just want you to write a book titled ‘Arranged Arrest Never Again For Nigerian Police Officers’. Good luck my brother.

Prof. John Egbeazien Oshodi, an American based Police/Prison Scientist and Forensic/Clinical/Legal Psychologist. A government Consultant on matters of forensic-clinical adult/child psychological services in the USA; Chief Educator and Clinician at the Transatlantic Enrichment and Refresher Institute, an Online Lifelong Center for Personal, Professional and Career Development. The Founder of the Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi Foundation, Center for Psychological Health and Behavioral Change in African settings. In 2011, he introduced the State-of-the-Art Forensic Psychology into Nigeria through N.U.C and the Nasarawa State University where he served in the Department of Psychology as an Associate Professor. The Development Professor and International Liaison Consultant at the African University of Benin, and a Virtual Faculty at the ISCOM University, Benin of Republic. President and Principal of the Proposed Transatlantic Egbeazien University (TEU) of Values and Ethics.

Author of over 40 academic publications/creations, at least 200 public opinion writeups on African issues, and various books.

Prof. Oshodi was born in Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria to parents with almost 40 years of police/corrections service, respectively. Periodically visits home for scholastic and humanitarian works. [email protected]

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