The Higher The Monkey Climbs The More It Shows Its Tail

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba 

I saw one of those “popcorn moment” tear ups on Facebook the other day where someone had backed themselves into a corner and came out with a post criticising fellow musicians that recently met Gen. Saleh for cash. My initial reaction was, ‘otyo, let the fireworks start. May be, it will open up people’s dull eyes and ears’. And I wasn’t wrong, all of a sudden; some people that used to call us all names under the sun are now posting pictures of Bobi Wine meeting Gen. Saleh, Gen. Muhoozi, Jenifer Musisi, and Gen. Kayihura. Titus Seruga has promised to release one in future of when he,Bobi Wine, was clandestinely meeting Gen. Museveni. PROCESS BY PROCESS, people will know nothing but the whole truth, God willing. The more he attacks people, other than Museveni and NRM, the more he exposes his tail.

Bobi is proof that every human suffering is somehow profitable for someone. Nevertheless, a lot of his supporters are still burying their heads in the sands of Kasangati since that's the only thing that they will accept, as he makes millions from them, MPs and other donors. Blind faith in anything is what it is. It cannot be reasoned with or even encouraged to look deeper into our universe. I have started accepting those with blind faith in Bobi and go on. They have a real advantage over the rest of us. They rest peacefully knowing that their Bobi has told them everything they need to know about political matters in Uganda. You and I have no such peace.

Opposition used to be dominated by a refusenik in Besigye – he believes that the needs of the state, or Mr. Museveni, should not supersede the needs of Ugandans. He has been instrumental in the fight against Covid in Uganda. He was only FDC president for a few years – he didn’t even finish his 2nd term, and handed over power to Mugisha Muntu. He never made money out of his MPs – he made sure that somebody else, other than him, was in charge of handling party finances and contributions. He has been using his own personal finances to support and help those in need within and outside his party. I cannot see him involving himself in Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon Vs Bobi Wine media fights.

I say this with a heavy heart that Museveni has successfully managed to put down a fighting dog and replaced it with simply a backing dog he can, arguably, control. Honestly, I never saw it coming till about 2018, and that's when I realised that Museveni is no joke. NUP was Museveni’s biggest political move ever since he came to power.

If you have friends in the intelligence, engage them about NUP and Bobi, you will then agree with me that Museveni is probably the best political strategist since Uganda got independence. The guy knows how to tame his opponents. I believe he has enough information that is capable of embarrassing Bobi, if he wishes to use it.

I think the only thing Museveni didn't envisage in this NUP move is how much Baganda hated him, to the extent of fully embracing Bobi and voting all his NRM people out in the recently concluded elections. It hit him harder after the elections and now he's taking his frustrations on Kabaka of Buganda and the kingdom, which I think is a mistake. Yes, he is capable of controlling Bobi/ NUP but he should leave the Kabaka alone. He should leave Buganda alone, because it’s not Kasese.