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For a lot of people, orange is a hard colour to wear. Surprisingly though, orange is a very flattering colour since it instantly adds a natural glow to your skin tone. But if you're not used to wearing orange, it can seem a little tricky. So, here's how to make sure you're wearing the right hues at the right time.

Orange Bag
If you decide to wear orange near your face, such as a top, a hat or accessories, pick vibrant shades of mango for olive-to-dark skin tone. If you're a little paler, opt for more muted orange shades such as a sunset colour. When trying on garments at the store, just hold up the item near your face; if it makes your eyes pop and brightens up your face, you've got a winner. But if it makes you look pale or drab, put it back.

Orange Wrap Dress
Also, when you're wearing statement colours such as orange, you have to be able to stand out, and not your clothing. Don't let the garment take over you, you should take over the garment and wear it confidently.

If you want to sport a crazy neon orange but you're afraid it will look bad against your skin tone, grab something that is away from the face such as a belt or a pair of shoes. Also, remember that you can transition slowly into a new color by taking on a few pieces that have just a hint of orange. After which, you can gradually progress.