Arrest; I Warned Nnamdi Kanu, Saved Him From Assassination!

By Obinna Akukwe

I warned Nnamdi Kanu publicly that there is a plot to assassinate him before October 1st, 2021, and it is very unfortunate that he never took the warning serious, and made himself vulnerable for arrest. However, my consolation is that the forces that wanted him assassinated, heeded my public warnings that it will bring bloodshed to Nigeria, and instead opted for his arrest. I gave the warnings concerning plot to assassinate Kanu on June 9th, and 75 Northern Groups placed a bounty of N100 million naira on his head , eight days later on June 17th, and he was arrested on June 27th,eighteen days after my warnings. Those who ignore my warnings or advice will surely land in net, be it Buhari, Kanu, Governors, Boko Haram or whatever.

Before the controversial APC botched primaries in Anambra, I begged some Igbo leaders to abandon the primaries, and let us negotiate with some aggrieve elements in the north to stave off an imminent evil is about to happen to Nnamdi Kanu, capable of triggering a bloody conflict in Nigeria. The Igbo leaders postponed the negotiations, claimed Kanu is invincible, and rescheduled the negotiations till after the APC and PDP primaries to ensure their favoured candidate wins. Alas! Delay is dangerous! Today the Biafra Youth Hero is arrested, and this time around, there will be no more bail for him.

It is unfortunate that the Biafra hero allowed himself to be captured after series of secret and open warnings. My consolations is that the earlier plot to assassinate him was called off , after I raised public alarm of the bloody consequences, and they instead decided to activate another plan B, in accordance with the demands of the 75 Northern Groups.

I plead with Buhari and the Federal GOVERNMENT to give him a soft landing, reorient ate him, and allow him to go free. I made the same plea when he was earlier arrested, and followed to work for his release. I plead with IPOB Youth to exercise restraint while we look into the circumstances surrounding his arrest, and how to negotiate an honorable exit.

In the warning titled ‘Assassination Plot: Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu, Vaccinist, Unknown Politicians ‘ By Obinna Akukwe, I stated in paragraphs 1,2,3 thus

“I want to alert the Buhari handlers and the Igbo elite that part of the events earmarked to occur in Nigeria before October 1st 2021 leading to untold chaos is the plan by the Deep State and Vaccinist conglomerate to assassinate Muhammadu Buhari, and another plot by Unknown Politicians, to assassinate Nnamdi Kanu. Those who take these warnings from impeccable diplomatic sources that craved anonymity lightly will face the consequences of half mast in Aso Rock AND bloody conflict in Eastern Nigeria

“I am writing to alert these individuals, because their assassinations will likely put Nigeria into another dangerous succession crisis and full blown conflict of unimaginable proportion. I want to warn the internal corroborators to put the interest of the nation at hear”

“Buhari’s sin is that he has not allowed the mass vaccinating of Nigerians during the second phase of Covid-19 wave. The deep state has seen Buhari as unwilling tool in the plot to turn Nigeria into a huge vaccine experiment. The pressures to make the Covid-19 Vaccine compulsory has failed and the deep state are shopping for a pliant replacement. It is God that frustrated the attempt to mass vaccinate Nigerians, putting the blame on Buhari shows that the Deep State is yet to understand that there is ‘God that ANSWERS Prayers in Africa’”

Paragraphs 21, 22, 23 of my warnings stated that:
“Nnamdi Kanu has been slated for assassination by a mafia group in Europe on the contraction of some ‘Unknown Politician of Northern Extraction’. These politicians believe that he is deliberately causing the destruction of lives and properties of some sections of the country in the South East, gradually dragging the state to a conflict they don’t want to fight, and the cheapest route to end the conflict is to eliminate him.

“I asked how they will get at Kanu in the UK, the Nigerian friendly sources believes the syndicate has been deployed for high profile inter-continental murder, and the deadline for the execution s drawing nearer. The Nigerian friendly sources are interested in preventing a failed state status for the giant of Africa, and have hinted the same information to credible sources within the intelligence circles of Nigeria.

“I advice the Unknown Politicians mobilizing against Kanu to repent of their evil plot and rather join hand in tackling the insecurity in the country. The Igbo section of the populace will not take kindly to any attempt on the live of their hero”.

I ended the piece in paragraphs 24,25,26,27 by advising thus:

“Some politicians in the country are already aware of the plot of the Deep State and are ready for the formation of Interim National Government IMMEDIATELY Buhari is out of the way. Certain political fence-mending on-going is related to the plot.

“I am fulfilling my God given assignment as a Cleric and Human Rights activist of over three decades, and I will not be held responsible if the nation erupts in flame, which the Deep State and the Unknown Politicians is planning. I got across this information since April ending, and confirmed it in May, and since the agents of destruction are still planning, I have to make it public so that innocent bystanders don’t get caught in a crossfire.

“I neither wish the death of Buhari nor Nnamdi Kanu. Buhari has only two more years to stay and his tenure will end, putting the nation in a bloody conflict before then, will be very dangerous. Nnamdi Kanu is reacting to the imbalances in the national equation, and the best way to address his agitations is not elimination.

“Let all sides exercise caution or else bloodshed, conflict, war may ensue. Assassins detailed over Buhari and Nnamdi Kanu, and their sponsors, should tread with caution, and know that their plan is exposed”

Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Cleric, facebook,twitter @obinnaakukwe