Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari

By George Onmonya
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Dear Mr. President,
The purpose of this letter is to get your ardent and fanatical supporters to see that some of us actually mean well for your administration. Mr. President, it is now a fact that you have failed in virtually all your promises to Nigerians, all Nigerians, in the past six years that you have made your predecessors who haven't done much themselves to move this nation forward look like Einstein.

Buharists and Buharideens would say some of us hate you for criticizing your administration. Would they say the same about your wife? One of your biggest critics is Aisha Buhari, your wife, I didn't call her the First Lady because you said there wouldn't be one in 2015 but immediately you resumed office she took over the office of the former First Lady. Nowadays she has been caged because the people who manage you see her as a loose cannon who cannot keep her mouth shut. In the power tussle that ensued between Madam and your nephew (Mamman Daura and family), the latter came on top. So madam was kept shut. They have said all sorts of things about your wife, that she is a power monger and wanted attention, just because she said her mind.

Your Excellency, as they cheer your name in the corridor of power, singing praise songs of worship and telling you how wonderful you are, it is only those who really love you who would tell you the truth, especially in this country of ours that's a jungle where being power or getting close to power is completely about personal interests. That you have not learned this lesson after being on power before and is basking in the whole euphoria of mediocrity and cluelessness tells me how men are so shallow and why history often repeat itself.

Recognizing your failure sir, your people have recently advised you to start talking but they didn't train you on how to talk. The visit to Maiduguri, Borno State, should not make you assume that you are so popular. You witnessed the #EndSARS protest and recent protests against you, it is all because of your handiwork, which is crass failure.

Since you became president hundreds of Nigerians have been killed by Fulani herdsmen who are your tribesmen, instead of finding holistic ways of solving the problem of Fulani herdsmen attack on farmers, you chose to call it farmers/herders clashes. These are not clases, this is your tribesmen, most of them foreigners as you yourself confirmed in your recent interview

, invading local communities, massacring people at will because they see your inactions and utterance of people in your government as support. You never cared about the local communities being killed, you don't care that thousands of Nigerians are refugees in their country, you don't care about the sufferings of these poor people, only about your people. In all your speeches and recent interview as you defend them, the ones in Nigeria are not violent, they only use sticks to make ways for themselves and their animals in the bushes as they graze. You told President Donald Trump that in the US and recently you mentioned it in the interview with Arise TV.

Mr. President, you are out of touch with reality. Most of the Fulani bandits arrested are Nigerians. They are not from anywhere. They are of course foreign elements but most of the ones arrested so far have been Nigerians. You also contributed to why foreign Fulani men and women are now trooping to Nigeria because you and your administration gave them an impression that they can come over here and settle putting the nation at the risk of disintegration.

Because of the Fulani herdsmen/bandits mayhem the Yorubas of South East have now form their own security outfit called Amotekun out of distrust for the federal police and when the Igbo governors couldn't form theirs, IPOB used that excuse to form Eastern Security Network (ESN) in the name of protecting their people from Fulani herdsmen. When all these was happening you were quiet and nonchalant about it in Aso Rock. The result of the ESN is now part of some of the violence and attacks on security personnels you see in the South East.

Mr. President what investment have you made in the Education sector? None. Not even the almajiris that your predecessor started something for and who voted for you in large number, most of them underaged, benefittted anything from your administration. You simply abandoned these vulnerable group of homeless children.

What investment have you made in the health sector? None. It is so bad that you couldn't even maintain the hospital in Aso Rock villa with all the budgets budgeted for that hospital. At the slightest opportunity you run out of the country for medical tourism when doctors in Nigeria are on strike and the common people suffer for it. What type of example are settling up for the future generation? Oh, I remember, you are shamelessly fighting them, so shameless that you would order the Nigerian Army to shoot into crowd of thousands of protesters at Lekki. Now you are claiming the army shot blank billets. Why should the army shoot at such crowd? They want people to die of stampede? These kids were clinging to the Nigerian flag singing national anthem when your murdering security people opened fire at them. In your interview with Arise TV you blatantly lie they were coming to overthrow you. All they asked was for you to come out and address them on police brutality but you being a brutal man decided to ask the army to shoot at them after you DSS men hired thugs singing "Allahu Akbar" to lauch attack on these peaceful protesters in Abuja. You did the same with Lagos, but when they refused to be intimidated you sent the Nigerian Arny to shoot at them.

Mr. President, your investment in the Agricultural sector was something really commendable, but all that has been fruitless because of Fulani herdsmen/bandits activities. Many of our security operatives have paid the ultimate price in the hands of this bandits but all you do is to keep fighting for them and lash at people who criticize you for being soft on them, but when it comes to IPOB and their militias you wake up and start threatening genocide, the Igbo are a dot in a circle...bla, bla, bla.

In the fighting corruption department you have failed woefully as you have failed in provision of security for the nation. What's going on in the country is no different from what went down during the time of your predecessors. I need to end this missive or I will write a novel.

In the economy department you have also woefully failed. Now all you brag about is rail infrastructures kickoff by your predecessors. The whole policies for Small and Medium Scale Industry which is also idea from your predecessors is failing too because of the type of people in your government, because of complete lack of monitoring and evaluation.

If only you listen to your wife and daughters, you would have been hearing what's happening in this nation. One time they love to hang around you taking photos, especially Zarah, but nowadays they distance themselves, obviously from you and from the the limelight. Zarah is showy and loves the limelight, but shame will not allow her be visible again nowadays because of your failure.

Dear Buhari, please before you leave they are two things you can do to help your history and posterity may be kind to you. Try bringing back the real Petroleum Trust Fund of General Sani Abacha and focus the funds at funding Education, Healthcare, and rural infrastructures and development. You were head of Abacha's PTF and you saw what it achieved in a short time despite the corruption perpetrated in the place by family members you put there to help you run the place. If the PTF you are going to institute using the National Assembly works well, it will help your image.

Mr. President, I know you don't like the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria. These are due to your utterances and actions. First, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, former Minister of Aviation, revealed what you told him when he briefly joined the APC. Mr. Kayode said you told him something about how you detest the Igbos. It is on record. You have never denied it. The DOT in the circle clearly state such prejudice clearly. But it is not important. It is in the constitution that you must love or like cartain people, but it is in it to be fair, just and equitable, to all Nigeria, you are president of all Nigerians, if you can convince the president to zone the presidential ticket to Igbo section of the country as they did to Yoruba of the East and Arewa of the North for fairness and equity, your name will be written in gold.

I am saying this because you have failed as a president, you have failed to lead Nigeria properly and failed in all the promises you made to Nigerians or all the promises they thought you made in 2015 and 2019. You have also made no attempt to unite this nation on the brink of some sort of civil war. If you do the Igbo thing I talked about in paragraph above you will write your name in history like Goodluck Jonathan. Goodluck Jonathan lost it all and won it all by last move he made on the chessboard of politics, he picked that phone and gave you a call conceding defeat. In a twinkle of an eye, a man who would have lost everything, lost power, lost dignity, was being ridiculed, turned to African and global hero, just by conceding and making that call.

Mr. Buhari, learn from Mr. Jonathan. The good thing is that you still have time.