A Call On The Federal Government To Investigate Alleged Mobilization Of War Merceneries And Fake Military Uniforms Into Effium Community Of Ebonyi State.

By Nigeria Parents Forum
Monday Eze
Monday Eze

(Being a press statement issued by the National Coordinator of Nigeria Parents Forum, Mr. Monday Eze in Abuja on Saturday, 19th June, 2021)

1. Nigeria Parents Forum regrets that scores of her members as well as their wives and children including youths, infants, the physically-challenged have continued to be killed on daily basis in the war which broke out in Effium Community, Ohaukwu LGA of Ebonyi State since 22nd January, 2021 in spite of the peace initiative of the Federal Government in the troubled community.

2. Nigeria Parents Forum is worried that apart from Effium Urban, Nwekendiagu, Inikiri, Akparata and two other places, the security operatives posted to Effium Community under the Federal Government peace initiative for Effium were not posted to majority of the identified security flashpoints of the community like Ibenda, Igbudke, Ugoeze, Uturu, Agugwu, Umueze, Ameka-

Amajim etc. This under-utilisation of the security operatives could be responsible for the continued killings of our members by alleged War machineries who dress in military and other security uniforms.

3. Nigeria Parents Forum hereby appeals to the federal government to ensure that security operatives are posted on sentry duties to the rest of the identified flashpoints especially Ibenda, Uturu, Ugoeze, Igbudoke, Ameka-Amajim, Okporo etc to stop the killing of forum members and their family members.

4. Nigeria Parents Forum wishes to hereby request the federal government to investigate unconfirmed reports of mobilization of war merceneries into Effium Community through Okporo axis of Ezzamgbo - Effium road; and the making of military and other security uniforms in Ogbagere and Ibenda villages of Effium Community.

5. The forum equally requests the federal government and other good-spirited groups and individuals to come to the aid of their members in Effium Community through the provision/donation of relief materials like food, clothings and other necessaries for them and their children, the physically-challenged and other vulnerable groups who are languishing in want and penury as a result of the war in Effium Community.

Monday Eze
(National Coordinator, Nigeria Parents Forum)