Worthless Utterances of a Desperado

Source: Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, P.E.
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After the unpresidential, pedestrian interview, June 10, 2021, Nigerians, are beginning to understand the magnitude of the human catastrophe that is paraded as their Leader.

There is no point in analyzing the utterly shameful utterances, other than to conclude that they are bereft of sanity.

Desperado ended up insulting every Nigerian who is non-Fulani, his supporters inclusive.

His non-Fulani supporters especially the ones in APC, are the ones that deserve the greatest sympathy of all.

However, before people lose their senses out of outrage, I say calm down.

Desperado was not speaking from a position of strength, but desperation as he sees his pet project go up in smoke before his eyes.

His intention was clearly to bully and intimidate his non-Fulani audience into submitting their ancestral lands for foreign Fulani resettlement. He confirmed it with his own utterances.

Something is pinching him hard, and that thing I suspect, is the Asaba Declaration.

Those who oppose state police because they claim some Governors will abuse their powers, should tell the nation the remedy, when a lunatic, terroristic, psychopath President abuses his office.

At least Governors have peers within our own shores that can show a better alternative, thereby calling errant colleagues to order, by the force of example.

In Nigeria, a President is peerless and has no restraining forces should he decide to descend together with his Office into the type of murky gutters within which Desperado comfortably reclines.

That peerless-ness is the source of the, arrogant, bombastic, empty, shallow, puerile, and putrid, bravado on display June 10, 2021.

Never again shall we be subject to this kind of imperial, pedestrian, and insane Presidency by the Grace of His Divine Majesty, Jah Jesus Christus.

The powers of the presidency and the Federal government must be whittled down urgently, never again to be expanded.

The critical point is that all the Southern and Middle Belt States must double down on the Southern Governors’ Asaba Declaration banning open grazing.

Remember, no open grazing, no Fulani expansionism.
The Fulani and the Hausa control the forex black market in Nigeria. No body molests them.

They rent houses or buy lands from natives and erect their choice properties, without restraint.

Herdsmen, the alibi for Fulani expansionism, must do the same.

That the door to expansionism was firmly closed by the Asaba Declaration of Southern Governors is what stung Desperado to lose all senses of proper comportment today.

You can imagine what is being discussed at National Security Council meetings.

The ban on open grazing is one thing, indigenous Nigerians regardless of party affiliation, must also unilaterally reject the Water Resources Bill.

State Governors should set up their state’s Civil Defense Militia and arm them with AK-47 rifles.

Citizens' defense on their ancestral or other legal properties overrides all other considerations, including Nigeria's very existence, which they predate as distinct peoples.

It is sadly true that Britain once colonized Nigerians. But there is no written treaty to show that the British handed over their colonial master status to the Fulani upon departure.

Revival of the so-called grazing routes is therefore utter bunkum.

The Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria should jointly lobby the international community to sanction Desperado and his coterie of followers with stiff travel, financial, and heavy weapons supply ban.

The unity of the indigenous peoples of Nigeria is a must to checkmate the Federal Government's crazy excesses.

Enough of the useless bickering among indigenous Nigerians that made us a prey to foreign settlers.

It is still a year plus eleven and a half months to go, but the end of this worthless regime is clearly in sight.

Praise Jah Jahovia and rejoice.
However, IPOB should stop addressing non-Igbo territory as part of their Biafra.

It is insulting to those peoples’ sensibilities, counterproductive to our common quest for liberation, and injurious to the chances of freedom of indigenous Nigerians.

I am ethnic Igbo, but we are not fighting Fulani expansionism, to install Igbo expansionism in its place.

Never will that happen.
What we are fighting for, is the right of all Nigerians, Fulani, and Hausa inclusive, to live side by side, in peace and with dignity, according to the laws of their respective places of domicile, within or outside the confines of Nigeria, as they respectively wish.

Our quest is clean-hearted, with malice to none, and desire to do justice to all.

By the Grace of Jah Jesus Christus and in his Holy Mighty Name alone, we shall prevail.

Watch out!
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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