Was Prophet Tb Joshua A False Prophet?

By Apostle Bamilaw
Apostle Bamilaw
Apostle Bamilaw
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The Death of the founder of the popular Synagogue of all Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly called TB Joshua would have started generating different views, opinions, rumors and gossips. The biggest questions in the mind of many are, was he a genuine man of God or a fake Prophet? Why did he die so young? Did he offend God or the expired time of the ritual power he was given was last Saturday June 5th, 2021.

Did you know some people, believers even Pastors could be happy he died simply because he appeared to them a fake Prophet, or his style of Ministrations is not the way they think it should be.

Dear reader, this is my position and stand point on this matter. One day, there was a controversial issue like this about John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus Christ; Some were shouting that John the Baptist must be very demonic; first why will he be leaving in the bush, not associating with people and why does he eat only Locust and Honey, definitely he must be operating with some demonic power that requires only that as their Sacrifice. Also there was another version that started shouting when Jesus Christ came that He loved food too much in fact He must be a glutton. Furthermore, why will he be associating so much with unbelievers, He was accused of visiting there house to eat and hanging out with tax collectors.

You know what, focus whatever God sent you to do. Let your Focus be your Focus. Stop destroying others when you don’t understand their moves. Anybody you don’t call you can’t condemn. The Bible says “Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.” (Rom 14:4). Some believed in eating meat, while others don’t believe in it, the point is let everybody be fully persuaded in his mind.

Whenever God call people HE gives them the dimension and style of operations, so if you don’t understand another man’s style, you’re free not to associate but please don’t condemn or destroy the person with your words. There was a man in the Bible called NOAH, when God told him to build an Ark after He has concluded to wipe off mankind, but gave a way of escape through the ARK. As Noah was going to start building, God called him again and instructed him to use Gopher Wood and further gave him specific Measurements length, breath and width. The same God still gives specifications whenever He call People to ministry.

God called some to deliverance ministry, teaching, Apostolic, Prophetic, Healing, Shepherd (also known as Pastoral). And you know most time, you'll observe God calls people Alone, and later gives them helper, assistance. When God called Moses, he was alone in the bush, but later gave him Aaron and a successor called Joshua.

So, you were not there when God called these men of God, please stop criticizing them arbitrarily. Picking a fault of a man is the easiest things to do. A leader may not be doing it in your way, it doesn’t mean it’s not God’s way. It’s good to rather pray for your leader than tongue lashing them. Anybody you pray for you can never gossip, it wouldn’t easy for you. Apostle Paul said “Brethren, Pray for us” 1Thess 5:25. And sometimes just be Quite and show some maturity.

Prophet TB Joshua has ran his own race, he came, he saw and he definitely conquer. The millions of lives he touched, imparted and transformed while alive are evidences he lived a successful life.

And If I may add, His departure from this part of the world has long been revealed to another Prophet since 2015, they’re good friend Bro Joshua Iginla. He told him God said his work is done here on earth. So God must have intentionally added Grace of over 5years. TB Joshua himself preached in one of his message to die is coma, not Period. And it’s not how long you leave but what you do with the Life you’re given.

Finally, dear brethren in faith, no matter the point you want to proof whether someone is original or fake, genuine or false prophet. Watch your words so you don’t start fighting a fight God is not aware of. I wouldn’t want you to have gone far In hatred and blasphemy thinking you’re doing God’s work. Remember the same God you’re defending is Love. Therefore, even if there’s anything to correct kindly do it in love.

God called us all to the Ministry of reconciliation, not Condemnation. So, I know God will not reward you for how many people you condemn, tongue lashed, destroyed with words and fatally criticized. You will only be rewarded in the order of your labour in his vine yard. And as a kingdom soldier, don’t break the rank of another, stay on your lane, maintain your track and focus the race. Pray for your fellow soldier for God to keep them on the track not to deviate.

Joel.2.7 – They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks: (KJV)

It’s my prayer that the Lord will keep you that’s reading this, you will finish well, you will finish strong, you will remain on your track, you will never be condemn by your words in Jesus name.

My strong Prayers for strength and comfort goes to the Family of Prophet TB Joshua, his wife and three Daughters and the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Jesus name.

Apostle Lawrence Bamilaw is the Founder, Apostolic Grace Network Africa is a media and music crusader. The Radio and Televangelist rote from Osogbo, Osun State.

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