Benue Killings: How Much Is A Nigerian's Life Worth?

By Daniel Omaga

The pictures emanating from Benue State, the supposed food basket of the nation, turned blood field of the nation, are gory. Fighting the twin plagues of underdevelopment, brought upon us by poor representation at the various strata of governance and the systematic cleansing of the Benue valley by ethnic chavinists, masquerading as herdsmen is even more debilitating.

When across other States, giants strides are being made in infrastructural developments, our people have found their own footing in the digging of graves and the display of corpses on highways, on daily basis, just to draw the attention of the world to our plight. The cry from the people is so loud, yet the silence from the government, who swore to protect us is more deafening. Alas, it is all man for himself. That's the harsh reality in our country because the government have failed us!

Daily, Nigeria drifts towards the edge of the cliff, yet our government keeps acting without urgency as though, all is well. How many more people do 'herdsmen' and 'unknown gunmen' need to kill before action is taken? How many more police stations and Inec offices, do we need to watch burn to ashes, before action is taken?

To see how humans are being butchered like animals each time we watch the news evoke deep emotions and the question of what value a Nigerian's life have in Nigeria comes to mind. Our leaders and followers alike, have a lot of injustice to atone for, especially the ones meted on those whose crime is being innocent, poor and vulnerable.

Comrade Omaga Elachi Daniel writes from Okpoga in Benue State.

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