Summer's morn...

By Melanie Miller
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summer morn, and I am thinking fondly of you,
remembering all those wonderful things we did together,

like having a picnick in the park..
and walking by the sea shore, and walking in the rain...

but now you are gone, never more to see your smiling face again..

not until we meet in heavens door, and then we will explore a new life together,

one serene and complete.
You wore my angel of all hopes, desires and dreams come true.

Yes you, wore and still are my everything.
I think of you often, and you will always be my one and only, best friend,

and I could never replace you at all.
So I sit at times, and bawl, thinking of you, and how you and I first met.

I will never regret loving you, and kissing your soft and warm and tender lips.

To me, you wore more then just a mere wore my dream come to life!

There shall never be a better friend to experience life with.

I sit here now, on this summer's morn and just mourn thinking of you, and I together,

in a lost time.
We are so much in love still, you and I...even though you are now gone.

So..I will write and sing a song about you and I, and one day, when we meet, I shall sing my tune just for you,

and you alone.
For now, I will silently think and dream of you, my sweet angel man, and then close my eyes at night and dream of you.

You will always remain in my heart of all hearts and we shall never part ways, as I too know you fondly think of me nights and days.

the end...