When War Erupts All Of Us Become Casualties Directly Or Indirectly 

Stop Beating The Drumbeats Of War!!! Apc
By The Nigerian Voice
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Before you understand the consequences of your actions in supporting crisis in Nigeria, I want you to know that there is a difference between war and crisis.

At the moment, Nigeria is witnessing dangerous crisis that can degenerate to war as crisis begets war.

The people, beating the drumbeats of war are certainly ignorant of the mystery that still holds Nigeria today.

This mystery is the man called David Umahi. I know that detractors will deride this as "praise singing" because they do not know that if Gov. David Umahi shifts only one of his legs from his stand on the unity of Nigeria now, Nigeria will automatically wade into another civil war which will be more devastating than the old one.

And when that happens, there will be no Facebook for so-called critics to post insulting updates as there will be no operating Network provider. There will be no fuel, there will be no transportation, there will be no communication between you and your loved ones in other cities. There will be no fruit for the East, there will be no food for the north and there will be no trade for the west. Detractors will become handicapped to throw tantrums on Dave Umahi on social Media. There will be no elections. There will be no means for you to starch your cloths and iron them and go to ishieke park to spew gibberish on the Governor.

Churches will close down as there shall be no offertory for the clergies to run their ministries. Everyone will be on the run for his dear life. God forbid!

I therefore urge my fellow compatriots to look back, think twice and join Gov. Umahi in salvaging our nation from destruction. You may not know that the dead we mourn today were here yesterday, hearing the news of those murdered in cold blood; it could be anybody tomorrow. Stop beating the drumbeats of war; stop all these nonsensical utterances that are causing breach of public peace and further dividing us as a nation. If you knew how painful it would be to die with your families in a war situation, you will jolly good join Gov. Umahi to keep Nigeria one and keep war at bay.

War is an ill-wind that blows no one any good. There is no nation in the world where war has ever solved any problem; it rather escalates problems. God forbid; if war broke out in Nigeria today all of us whether APC, PDP, APGA or those who claim to be politically neutral will suffer it, even those living abroad will suffer it too because they have their relations back home in Nigeria and have property and investments in Nigeria. The poet, JP Clarke wrote a poem which he titles: "We Are All Casualties" to convey to the human mind the extent of loses suffered by our dear country during the Civil War of 1967-1970. We should learn from history and stop beating the drumbeats of war and stop seeing and treating what is happening in Nigeria today as APC affair.

If heaven collapses, who is that person that will remain alive? Food for thought!

God bless Gov. Umahi.
Written by Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad

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