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Cropped hair It is the nature of my job that made me to be wearing cropped hair. Before I cut my hair, I used to have very long hair. I decided to have a new look. But as I am speaking to you, I am trying to grow my hair back.

There is really no much difference wearing long or short hair; the only thing is that when I had long hair, I was only packing my hair. I couldn't wear my hair down because of the very hot weather we have in this part of the world. So when I wanted to have a different look, I had to cut it.

Then again, when you have short hair, you can find it easy to wear different kinds of wig. But with long hair, you will first of all weave it before you can wear a wig.

I can only wear wig in movies. But in real life, no way! It is not possible. In fact, I don't even have a wig. I have never owned one.

Dress sense

I cannot wear crazy stuff in real life. No, no way.

On a normal day, I am a jeans person. But if I have to go to the bank, which is not very often, or if I have to keep up an appointment in one office or the other, I try to appear official.

As for formal ocassion, I look for something nice like a lovely gown or nice pants and top. It now depends on how gorgeous you want to look at the occasion and how much money you have to look that gorgeous.

For me though, it depends on my mood. I cannot be bothered. I can look for one okirika and wear.

Sexy dressing

I can't be bothered here as well. It depends on what I am wearing. If I buy a spaghetti strap dress, or strapless dress, I wear it so long as it looks good on me.

There is nothing that can stop me from wearing backless gown. What do you mean? I wear it joo. Sometimes I want to look sexy. I am a chic abeg.

In any case, I haven't got anything crazy. I can actually wear it if I am given a role that requires me to wear something like that.


The only ones I don't wear often are native dresses. Though sometimes I'm forced to buy them but I don't even wear them thereafter.

I really appreciate Nigerian designers. Oh yes. They are my people o. I am not very crazy about names though.

I wear Western labels as well. I am not really intrested in the label. They are all the same to me. I can't be bothered. Once I see something and I like it and it looks good on me, I go for it. I don't run after labels. It may be because I don't have money to buy them o. Who knows? When I am very rich, I can start buying them.

I know I cannot be caught dead wearing Iro and Buba. The problem I have is that I cannot understand how people can actually wear all those clothes and move around in this hot weather. It is just too hot for me to want to pad up all my body with clothes. I must have little air at least somewhere in my legs or arms.


I don't think so. I have plenty shoes. Though I am not really used to wearing them. I just have them in my wardrobe; someday, something would come up and you would be forced to wear one of them. I am very good at wearing flats. I have got a couple of slippers that I wear.


There is one perfume I always wear and I have worn it for so many years. It is called Lou Lou. I have tried many other perfumes but I must always have that one. I also use Glamorous, and so many others.

Most priced possession

You cannot believe this; I spent so much money buying this set of gold necklace and earrings and I have not worn it for one day. I have had it for close to one year and I spent so much money buying it. It wasn't really a spur of the moment decision.I saw it and I liked it and I bought it. In fact, I paid for it twice. I couldn't afford to pay the bulk of money at a go. Since then, I have not had any occasion to wear it. It is the kind of set that you must wear all those gele and such things before you wear them.

Favourite food

I won't lie to you; I love amala and ewedu. I know I am not Yoruba, but I still like the meal. Before I came to Yoruba land, my favourite was tea and bread. I still like it. But I also like amala.

Put off

I don't like fake people. I hate pretenders. Come on! If you are living in a one room, 'face me I face you' apartment in Abule Egba, you don't have to hide it. You cannot currently afford to buy a car; it is not a big deal. I don't like people who are not real. If you are broke, come out and say you are broke than for you to pretend. It puts me off if I see somebody pretending.

Best colour

I love white. There is really no particular reason why I like the colour. I don't really know. It is just that each time I go to buy something, I find myself going for the white one. It appeals to me more. There is really no particular reason for my preference.

Greatest wish

I would like to own a house even if it is a one-room apartment of my own so that landlords and landladies would allow somebody to have a breathing space. That is one thing I really crave to have.

N10Million gift

The person should give me a land along with the money so that I can build my house. I will build 100 rooms and get 100 people off the street.