Uduaghan's Administration Is A Failure, Charade - Former Commissioner

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ASABA, JULY 07, (THEWILL) - For several months now the administration of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State has been at the receiving end of attacks from some politicians and stakeholders following his style of leadership.

Joining the wagon of critics over the weekend, an educationist and former Commissioner for Education during the administration of Chief James Onanefe Ibori, Dr. Mrs. Veronica Ogbuagu, has described as ‘a colossal failure, a charade, a sham, the present administration in state’ which is not ‘responsive to the mood, yearning and aspirations of the people.’

Dr. Ogbuagu who made this out burst while addressing a press conference at her office in Ekpan, noted that Uduaghan could have done better, being a former Commissioner for Health, Secretary to the State Government and a distinguished member of the Junior Chambers which emphasizes on the virtues of leadership.

According to her "Is it human error or what? I don’t really know. I understand that he recently called PDP women leaders and directed the Secretary to Government to be paying them money. People are not just shouting or witch-hunting him, but it is what is on ground. I think Ibori performed far better. Uduaghan is paying debts quite alright, but much more is being misappropriated.

"As far as I am concerned the Governor has a hidden agenda to deliberately impoverish the people, put them in a state of perpetual poverty, so as to manipulate and bend them and voting in inept people every time. People should watch out.

"There is need for a lot of enlightenment campaigns; the electorate needs to be educated because an enlightened electorate is the first step towards a successful democracy. I advise all aspirants to pray God to keep away sycophants and praise singers; that God should give them the wisdom to know what is true and what is falsehood in what they are told.

"If I am not performing and you come to praise me, I will chase you away. Praise singers whether in or outside government, the long arms of the law would soon catch up with all of them. Elders, church heads, PDP bishops who don’t tell the truth, they would all suffer one day; on the final day of judgment," Mrs. Ogbuagu affirmed.

On the standard of education, Mrs. Ogbuagu also lamented what she described as a situation where persons get certificates without attending lectures, and warned that the EFCC would one day call on them to defend such certificates adding that, "The Universities are being intimidated to obtain cheap academic certificates. That is academic fraud which is one of the reasons why examination malpractices seem difficult to curb; that is why the National Assembly could not pass the bill against exams malpractice because they are as guilty as the children. It is a rotten society, indeed. And since Prof Igho Joe left the College of Education, Warri, no provost has been appointed even though there are many qualified people there. All the good jobs that Igho did are going down the drain."

According to Mrs. Ogbuagu "Facts before me indicate that they are thinking of giving the position to unqualified persons. And, for God’s sake, this will give room for bitterness, acrimony and rancour in that school; it will create room for intrigues, in-house fighting, juju and so on. I even understand that the Edjeba Community has complained that they are fed up with the problems at the school," she revealed.