A Frown At The Non-provision Of Patrol Vehicles And Motorcycles For Security Personnel Involved In The Federal Government Peace Initiative In War-ravaged Effium Community Of Ebonyi State

By Nigeria Parents Forum
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(A press release issued by the National Coordinator of Nigeria Parents Forum, Mr. Monday Eze, on Sunday, 11th April, 2021)

1. Nigeria Parents Forum has keenly followed the implementation of the Federal Government's Peace Initiative in Effium Community of Ebonyi State which had been locked in a bloody war since 22nd January, 2021. The forum made a disheartening observation that security personnel posted to few of the many identified flashpoints in Effium Community were not provided with patrol vehicles and motorcycles.

2. This lack of patrol vehicles and motorcycles has drastically limited the ingenuity and effectiveness of the security personnel who patrol on foot in the rough, rural terrain of Effium Community; impeded the actualization of peaceful resettlement of the citizenry of the community in their respective homes which is the ultimate goal of the peace initiative in Effium Community; and led to the deaths of many people, especially vulnerable groups like children, women, the aged and physically-challenged due to hunger, diseases and unfriendly weather in improvised refugee camps and in the bushes wherein they are crammed. In fact, the mass arson which consumed several abandoned homes of Ezza Effium people in Unwueze village on the night of 8th April, 2021 could have been prevented if there were patrol vehicles and motorcycles for the security personnels to effectively patrol the troubled Effium Community.

3. Nigeria Parents Forum hereby implores particularly Ebonyi State Government on whose soil the calamity prevails; the Federal Government; and other security stakeholders to show more practical and sufficient commitment to the peace initiative in the troubled Effium Community of Ebonyi State and in the plight of the people of Effium Community especially the children, women, the aged and other vulnerable groups like the physically-challenged by donating about 40 patrol vehicles and 40 patrol motorcycles for use even on temporary basis by the security personnel involved in the peace initiative in Effium Community. Provision of patrol vehicles and motorcycles will enable efficient patrol and guard which is a necessary approach to the prevalent security situation in Effium Community.

Nigeria Parents Forum recalls that about 400 people have been allegedly killed and properties worth billions of naira destroyed since January this year in Effium Community.

4. Nigeria Parents Forum congratulates the Federal Government and security agencies involved in the peace initiative on the success of the Federal Government Peace Initiative in Effium Community of Ebonyi State so far to the extent that killings have reasonably abated for five days running. The forum equally charges the Federal Government and patriotic security personnel involved in the peace initiative in Effium Community not to rest on their oars until the ultimate targets of inspiring and facilitating the peaceful and secure resettlement of the helpless war refugees in their abandoned homes; the mop-up of weapons proliferated within the community; and the restoration of normal life in Effium Community are achieved.

Monday Eze
(National Coordinator, Nigeria Parents Forum)