Arrest And Punish Those Trafficking Crippled Women To Work As Street Beggars In Kenya-an Open Letter To President Suluhu

By Alexander Opicho
President Suluhu
President Suluhu

Dear Madam President , there is always a woman living with disability surviving as a street beggar in every town of Kenya. But at most every street in Nairobi, Eldoret, Nakuru and Mombasa has a crippled person wriggling in difficult life of street begging. Some of these beggars are men, but over 80% are women. All of them come from Tanzania. They have been trafficked to Kenya by physically upright people who are disingenuous in their hearts and hence they want to benefit from disability of these choice -less women.

Madam President, it is my appeal to you that you work on how to stop this rampantly growing vicious behaviour. I am appealing to you in my capacity as a loyal citizen of East Africa.

Madam President, if you can find out , there is now sporadic evidence in all the major towns that on every street of Kenya, you will see a strong man from Tanzania peddling a crippled woman on a wheel-chair up and down the street, pushing her around to beg. A situation which beckons a normal mind to wonder why this physically strong man is not working to provide for the disabled sister. This unfair and very bad.

Madam President, modern governance compulsively requires all types of governments to protect, feed,clothes, and empower through education any person living with disability. This is why we cannot afford to keep quiet when the fundamental human rights of the disabled persons, especially the rural women of Tanzania are violated , infringed and invaded by the money slobbering rascals that craftily traffic the women from safety of their homes to streets in Kenya .

This is also why those of us that can't manage to stand aloof when others are suffering have come out to urge, your people-centric and honourable government of Tanzania to come up with a charitable financial plan that can work for the disabled women of Tanzania so that they cannot be easily tricked into vulnerable life of street begging by these insolent and insensitively malicious human traffickers .

But above all else, Madam President, your government is obliged to ensure that human traffickers from Tanzania who are behind this heartless business of making money from disabled women are arrested and punished by being culled from mainstream society.