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Alhaji Musa Zubairu is the Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Zamfara State. He told Daily Sun in an interview in Gusau that Governor Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi's re-election in 2011 is for real: 'Zamfara is now PDP territory. There is no vacancy for the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) into the Government House, Gusau.' Excerpts:

ANPP has no credible candidate
'Hon. Abdulaziz Yari is not a threat to PDP, he is not a serious contender. I assure you that the PDP would not have to campaign much. Because we know who Yari is and his role when Senator Ahmad Sani held sway as governor. We were all part of that government. We knew what happened. So, we do not feel threatened. Instead we will go home and sleep. I don't think he is the messiah the ANPP needs to salvage the party. In fact, ANPP has no credible candidate to contest against. Shinkafi.

'Since it came to power over three years ago, this administration has pushed ahead with its reforms and reconstruction agenda. It has made far reaching impacts on the lives of the people of Zamfara State. Even though, the state was endowed with abundant human and natural resources including fertile agricultural land, people in the state were not commensurately well off in terms of the availability of and access to, basic amenities that make social life easier untill the coming of Shinkafi as governor. It is evident everywhere.'

Past administrators
'It is a fact that successive administrations in the state both military and civilian had made efforts to modernize the state. However, social services that go to the door steps of people (basic needs), such as a functional healthcare delivery system, good schools with well equipped libraries and laboratories, roads, etc were either lacking or available only in name.

'When the people voted massively for Shinkafi as their governor during the 2007 election, they believede that the DAMO as he was popularly called during the campaign has the determination, courage, sincerity and the sense of purpose needed to move Zamfara State forward.

New dawn
'Shinkafi has completely revived of the state's health sector, with particular emphasis on strengthening the capacity of hospitals and health centers to respond effectively to the healthcare needs of the people.  Most of these projects have attained 70 percent completion. For instance, the Millennium Hospital in Gusau, the construction work has been completed, what is remaining is equipping the place. In the case of referral hospital in Shinkafi the work is around 50 percent completion.'

Shinkafi and I
'My relationship with the governor is beyond politics. We started as business partners in 1995 when we had an air service company, Niima Air Service. He was the managing director and I was a director. From business our relationship grew to friendship and from friendship he is now my boss.

'I have so much respect for him. All these things he was doing were his dreams. Even before he became governor, he had a big dream for the state. Many times when we were driving together, he would look at a road and said 'if I am the governor, I would do this and that.'

'I could recall one conversation we had when he was the deputy governor he said 'Musa if I become the governor I will develop the mineral deposits in the state.' He said the state has the potential of becoming one of the richest states in the country only if these deposits were harnessed. I responded, 'Sir; if you become the governor you could achieve that.' Today, the state government is trying hard to ensure that the governor's dream becomes a reality.

'If I am to rate the governor, I would describe him as a humble leader. He is a committed Muslim and a complete gentleman.  My loyalty to the governor if there is anything above 100 percent I'm more than that. There is no room for doubt if by doing that I will lose my life, so be it. I fear no mortal, my life is in the hand of Almighty Allah.'